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PPE Kits

Military Gas Mask & NBC Survival Kit

  • Choose from the CM-6M or CM-7M CBRN gas masks, both offer a CamelBak compatible drinking system and 20-year shelf life
  • Conveniently packed in the MIRA Safety drop-leg gas mask pouch for rapid deployment
  • Used in a wide range of professions from law enforcement, firefighting and rescue to military special operations, painting and construction
  • Kit includes 20 FDA-approved ThyroSafe Potassium Iodide Tablets (65mg each), and the NBC-77 SOF gas mask filter.

EvakPak™ Survival Kit

  • Includes critical protection from respiratory CBRN threats including smoke inhalation and more
  • Multiple gas mask filters for reliable protection from the full range of CBRN threats
  • Professional-grade protection with everything you need in one kit
  • Pouch can be used to store complete kit for easy deployment

Fire Escape Kit Pro

  • Includes the CM-6M respirator and two of the new VK-530 smoke filters
  • MIRA Safety drop-leg gas mask pouch provides storage during times of safety, and instant access during fire-related crises
  • Gas mask’s expansive field of view allows for enhanced spatial awareness
  • Products trusted worldwide by numerous police and government agencies in the Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Latvia, and Lebanon

Compare MIRA Safety PPE Kits

Each and every PPE kit we’ve assembled was done so with extreme care in consideration of specific threat scenarios. Below is a comparison chart to better inform your purchasing decision for your use case.

MIRA Safety Military Gas Mask & Nuclear Survival Kit EvakPak™ Survival Kit Fire Escape Pro Kit
PPE Kit Model Military Gas Mask & NBC Survival Kit EVAKPAK Fire Escape Pro Kit
Respirator Type: CM-6M or CM-7M CM-6M CM-6M
Filter type: NBC-77 SOF NBC-77 SOF and VK-530 Two (2) VK-530 filters
Gas Mask Pouch? Yes Yes Yes
Supplement Included Thyrosafe (20 Count) MIRA KI potassium iodide pills None
Canteen included? Yes Yes Yes
Specific Threat scenario: Chemical warfare or toxic industrial chemical exposure, combat applications Guards against a full spectrum of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs). It can be easily stored in our ultra-durable leg-mounted gas mask pouch. Guards against exposure to toxic industrial chemicals. It also can convert CO into CO2 to enable the safe escape and evasion from fires.
Bottom Line Tactical and nuclear survival applications Nuclear and Carbon Monoxide applications Carbon Monoxide applications
Price $329.95 - $344.95 $369.99 $369.99
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need to make a bulk order?

Whether you’re looking to outfit an entire squad, an agency, your employees, or your team of contractors, we offer the option to make bulk orders for any of our products at discounted rates.

Convenient Pre-Built kits

Want a simple solution that will start you off right? MIRA Safety PPE kits are an ideal starter to protect yourself from deadly threats. These specialized kits contain all of the base essentials needed to protect a single member of your family, and available for children and adults. Our kits are tailor-made to counteract specific threat scenarios such as nuclear fallout, toxic industrial chemical spills, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, and even chemical warfare agents.