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Half Face Respirators & Accessories

Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator Mask (TAPR)

  • The Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator is the first EN-140 certified half-face respirator mask designed for special operations, security actions, and rescue teams. Learn more.
  • Compact filter with 40mm 1/7” NATO threading, optimized for use with PAPR and TAPR/half-face respirators
  • Protects robust protection from common CBRN threats
  • Engineered using the same military-spec filtration technology used by NATO forces in numerous countries
  • 10-year shelf life

NBC-17 SOF CBRN Gas Mask Filter

  • Used by military personnel, CBRN specialists, and special operations forces all over the world
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Certified by European agencies and has the “CE” symbol. Compliant under EN 14387+A1
  • Rigorously tested to meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

Gas Mask Microphone

  • 2-pin connector for compatibility with Peltor and Ops-Core headsets
  • Tested to provide an over 30,000 hours of use
  • IP67-rated for protection against dust, water, and oil
  • Weighs less than two ounces, including the cable

VPU-1 Respirator Voice Projection Unit

  • Compatible with the MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone
  • Integrated battery allows for up to 6 hours of continuous use with 2 hours of charging
  • Robust MOLLE clip allows for easy mounting and handling
  • Delivers a maximum sound pressure level of 83dB SPL @ 1m


TAPR Mesh Head Harness

  • High-quality, breathable mesh for long-lasting wear
  • Breathable mesh reduces sweat buildup; easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable straps for a custom fit; easy donning and doffing
  • Ideal for law enforcement, military, industrial, and emergency responders


TAPR Low-Profile Exhalation Valve

  • Provides a secure cheek weld for rifle users
  • Enhances breathing comfort during prolonged wear
  • Compact design fits various mask models
  • Reduces fogging in goggles and face shields

MIRA Safety TAPR Nylon Pouch

  • Made from durable 600D nylon fabric
  • MOLLE webbing with built-in snap straps
  • Fits assembled TAPR and accessories
  • Compact, versatile, and easy to carry


TAPR ARC Rail Fidlock Connectors

  • Quick attachment and detachment with Fidlock magnetic closure system
  • Fits standard ARC rails for versatile helmet model compatibility
  • High-quality materials ensure durability in harsh and rigorous conditions
  • Improve tactical efficiency with innovative connectors for easy accessibility


need to make a bulk order?

Whether you’re looking to outfit an entire squad, an agency, your employees, or your team of contractors, we offer the option to make bulk orders for any of our products at discounted rates.

Rapid and accessible protection

MIRA Safety half-face respirators offer a compact, lightweight alternative for protection from everyday exposure and low-impact threats. Constructed from comfortable and durable silicone rubber for hard use, our half-face respirators are trusted by elite special forces and law enforcement from all over the world.

Adaptability and Scalability 

Half-face respirators also offer superior compatibility with your existing tactical gear, like helmets, goggles, rifles, and more. MIRA Safety stocks a wide variety of specialized filters and accessories designed exclusively for use with our half-face respirators.