MIRA Safety Military Gas Mask & Nuclear Survival Kit

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The most complete gas mask and NBC survival kit on the market. Includes military-grade gas mask, compatible NBC-77 SOF CBRN filter, potassium iodide tablets, and a leg-mounting pouch.

 The kit is easy to store in your house or car for preparedness anytime. Beyond major catastrophes, this gas mask kit is useful in case of a fire or poor air quality. 

Key Features:

  • Extended shelf life of 7 years for Thyrosafe iodide tablets, 20 years for CM-6M mask and filter
  • STANAG 4155 (EN 148-1) compliant 40mmx1/7” NATO threaded filters
  • Trusted by NATO troops and nations including
  • Used in many professions from law enforcement and firefighting to painting and construction
  • Filter composed of sorbents with active and impregnated carbon, housed in impact-resistant polymer filter housing
  • 5-point helmet-compatible straps secure mask for up to 30 hours of resistance from toxins
  • Pre-installed hydration spout and external canteen
  • Works with external canteens & Camelbak hydration systems using Type A/Type M adapters
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate visor provides 180-degree visibility with hypoallergenic inner mask that prevents fogging
  • MIRA Safety Elite Drop-leg Gas Mask Pouch 
  • Pouch constructed from durable 500 denier ripstop nylon
  • Secured Y-harness configuration with heavy-duty straps and quick-release swivel buckles
  • 20 FDA-approved ThyroSafe™ potassium iodide tablets (65mg each)
  • Pre-installed hydration system and canteen
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


Technical Specifications:

With over 450 active nuclear reactors in the world today, it’s prudent to take precautions in case of disaster. 

Featuring cutting-edge engineering and design, the CM-6M gas mask is crafted from bromobutyl rubber with a hypoallergenic inner mask for superior comfort and function. Dual-layer construction helps prevent fogging and makes breathing easy. Equipped with a speech diaphragm ensuring 95% intelligibility of speech, you can communicate with members of your party through the mask.

The included potassium iodide tablets help prevent thyroid damage from fallout and excess radiation, which dissipates up to 200 miles downwind from a nuclear catastrophe. It is advised you take the tablets before or soon after exposure to excessive radiation levels.

The included ThyroSafe™ tablets are the only FDA-approved tablets available in the US—ideal for adults, with a cross-score to provide reduced dosing for children. A single dose of potassium iodide protects the thyroid for about 24 hours—any radioactive iodine taken into the body after dosing is rapidly flushed out. 

The MIRA Safety drop-leg pouch holds the entire kit while mounted out of the way on your leg. Featuring rugged construction designed to withstand abuse without tearing, the pouch comes with a flexible mounting system and padded back for comfort.  

NOTE: The CM-6 mask is one size only. While the 5-point harness provides a flexible fit, the user’s face must be free of facial hair with no obstructions in the way of the sealing gasket. The mask enables the use of a glasses insert (sold separately), which insert into the mask’s rubber slip.

Filters can be fitted to the left or right inhalation chamber. The unused chamber must be sealed with a filter plug. Ensure the filter plug is tightened and screwed into place. Each inhalation chamber is fitted with EN 148-1 standard 40 mmx1/7” thread. Ensure your filters are compatible. 

The effectiveness of the filter depends on the toxins in your environment. The included NBC-77 SOF filter is designed for use in environments with at least 19.5% oxygen (lower oxygen levels will necessitate a SCBA). The filter is designed to offer protection from radioactive particles, viruses, bacteria, gases, vapors and a range of noxious fumes. 

Kit Includes: 

  • CM-6M or CM-7M gas mask
  • (20) potassium iodide tablets (65mg)
  • MIRA Safety drop-leg gas mask pouch
  • (1) NBC-77 SOF filter 
  • Canteen


Technical Data:

Dimensions: 11”Hx5”-7.25”Wx4”D Cuff pouch: 4”Hx2.25”-4.5”W

Weight: 1,286 grams

Size: One size (CM-6M). For NBC kit with CM-7M choose correct sizing.

Material: Bromobutyl rubber mask with polycarbonate visor, 500 denier ripstop nylon pouch

General Field of Vision: min. 70%

Binocular Field of Vision: min. 80%

Filter Connection Thread: EN 148-1 Standard 40mmx1/7”


Breathing Resistance at 30l/min. Air Flow:

Inhalation resistance max. 30 Pa

Exhalation resistance max. 60 Pa



Store in a dark, cool, dust-free place, ventilated regularly and without sudden temperature changes. Temperatures may vary between 10°C and 25°C with relative humidity up to 65%. Stored products may not be exposed to radiant heat or sunshine. Fuels, solvents, lubricants and other inflammable substances may not be stored with the masks, as well as any electric machines or appliances producing electric sparks or discharges during operation (ozone creation).

Avoid deformations of rubber parts of the facepiece and internal mask when storing. Inspect regularly to ensure effective sealing.

Potassium iodide tablets should be stored at 20-25°C (68-77°F) dry and with foil intact.


Ask a Question
  • Is this impact resistant?

    Yes, the CM-6M Survival Kit complies with all standards under EN 168 for impact protection, making this the perfect mask for riot control situations.

  • My face dimension is quite small (Forehead 5.90”, Length 7.08” and Chin 4.72”). Will CM-6M fit for me?

    The CM-6M only comes in one universal size (medium) that fits 95% of the adult population. If you're an average size person, then a CM-6M or a size 2 (medium) CM-7M is fine. For smaller than average people who weigh 130lb or less, with thin faces, we would suggest size 1 (small) of the CM-7M mask. For users over 250 lbs and wide faces, go with size 3 (large).

  • I wear prescription eyeglasses, do I have to get a different mask lens or can the mask be worn with my eyeglasses?

    Standard glasses will break the seal of any gas mask. I recommend getting yourself the MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit. It is compatible with both the CM-6M and CM-7M masks. In addition, you can choose different lens types and colors. As part of the order process, we require a current prescription. You can either upload the prescription on the spectacle kit's product page or send it to us via email at


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Very impressive product

Amazing product over all. Very high quality, Comfortable fit, very little obstruction for speech , the drinking system is very convenient and easy to operate. The drop leg pouch is also high quality and durable and makes deployment of the mask within seconds!

Adam B.
United States United States
Well Made

Well made, fits well, I have not needed to use it yet but looks and feels like it will work great

A MIRA Safety Customer
Luke L.
United States United States
Good deal on a well-made piece of survival/tactical gear.

I do a bit of independent and on the ground visual journalism (living in the Twin Cities) and I am also a believer in being prepared, so purchasing a gas mask from a reputable company had been on the list for some time. Initial thoughts - was packaged well and shipped without damage. The leg bag works well and has room for the mask, a filter or two, as well as the hydration kit. Can't say much about the tablets other than I hope they work if the time comes. The mask feels good quality to me and upon doing further research, appears to be built from safe and battle-tested materials. It fits well, is easy to adjust, and is as comfortable as one could reasonably expect a gas mask to be. I wear prescription glasses, so for my own purposes, I tried this on with and without them. The mask fogs up pretty badly with them on, due to the broken seal caused by the frame of the glasses. Without them, it works perfectly. The 3M lens kits are near-impossible to find right now, so I took an old pair of glasses, cut the ear frames off them and used the inside of the mask to hold them in place. It's not a great option, but far better than being blind. Another note, I am an avid shooter and have several firearms at my disposal. This not being the tactical mask, I was curious how I'd be able to manipulate and aim my firearms with it on. While it is admittedly difficult to get a proper cheek-weld with one of my AR builds, it is not impossible with this mask. It's not ideal, but you can do it in a pinch. I have a SIG red dot/magnifier combo on the build I tested with and it works OK with the mask ("not great, not terrible") No issues with my sidearm of course. I wouldn't be comfortable using this with an LPVO build or my Savage bolt-action, but I also struggle to imagine a situation I'd be in where that sort of thing would be necessary in the first place. Picked up an additional CBRN filter, as well as a few DOT PRO filters from LA Police Gear, but will likely make these purchases directly through MIRA in the future. Overall very happy with my purchase, happy with MIRA safety, and thoroughly enjoy their Instagram feed, as well. Next step is to get the tactical mask and maybe an extra mask or two for the family.

United States United States
So Far So Good

All we’ve done so far is to inspect the masks and filters and try them on for size. But the quality seems to be there. Hopefully, I wont have to put that to the test.

William R.
United States United States
Best gear

I love Mira. Great products