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“WHAT DO I NEED?” CBRN Preparedness Kits

by James Walton

You may wonder: What do you really need from an emergency respirator? 

If this question has been on your mind, you are likely worried about things like smoke and ash, chemical particulates, or radioactive fallout. Piecing together the right gas mask, filters, and other options to meet your disaster preparedness needs can require some research, however. 

That is–unless we do it for you. Preparedness can be daunting, after all, and many times the big question that people have is: “What do I need?” 
Well, that is exactly what we are here to tell you, with three kits that we have put together to take the guesswork out of gas masks. So, are you preparing for wildfires? What about CBRN threats? And do you have respiratory protection for the kids?

In the end, you have enough to worry about. Since we are the experts when it comes to respirators, filters, and CBRN preparedness, we’ll walk you through it. Our new kits have you covered. 

Table of Contents

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    Fire Escape Pro Kit

  • 02

    Military Gas Mask & NBC Survival Kit

  • 03

    NBC Kids’ Survival Kit

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    Frequently Asked Questions


Fire Escape Pro Kit

Wildfires, House Fires, Warehouse Safety, Chemical Fires

In 2023 alone, North America saw nearly 48,681 wildfires. Along with scorching two and a half million acres, these fires pushed people from their homes and towns. 

Facing a wildfire leaves you with one option: evacuation. And in many cases, you’re only allotted minutes to grab what is essential and get out of the house. Alerts and warnings are sent out en masse, but many wait too long, and the fire gets too close. 

Along with a go bag, it would also help to have a respirator kit that is designed to protect you from the dangers of smoke inhalation. MIRA released the VK-530 filter, which is designed to turn your MIRA gas mask into a smoke hood/respirator. 

You get two of them in the Fire Escape Pro Kit, along with a CM-6M gas mask, canteen, and carrier pouch to store it all in. Whether you wake up to a house fire, or drive through a hellscape to survive a wildfire, the Fire Escape Pro Kit will assure that the air you breathe is clean. That way, you can keep pushing and get your family to safety. 

MIRA Safety's Fire Escape Kit consist of gas mask bag, CM-6M tactical gas mask, Two MIRA Safety VK-530 smoke / carbon monoxide filters

When it’s time to evacuate from a wildfire this kit will protect you from ash in the air. (Image courtesy of MIRA Safety)


Military Gas Mask & NBC Survival Kit

Radiological Emergencies, Nuclear War, Biological and Chemical Attacks

Many people are still drinking the mainstream political Kool Aid, thinking that we are watching two separate regional wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. With that said, our educated readers understand that a world war is likely underway, and the latest move by Russia couldn't make it clearer. 

Iran and the US, for their parts, are both foaming at the mouth and growling via the Russo-American proxy war in the Middle East. Case in point: Russia has just committed to supporting and arming Iran further, sending advanced fighter jets and attack helicopters to fortify the greatest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet. 

With very little doubt, this is the path to World War III. Are you ready for warheads to fly? If not, you have probably returned back to the big question: “What do I need?” 

Simply put, the Military Gas Mask & NBC Survival Kit is our World War III kit. Featuring high quality CBRN gear (designed for tactical operations!), it’s well-equipped to contend with the aftereffects of a nuclear war.

With this kit, get your choice of a CM-6M or CM-7M, along with twenty FDA approved Thyrosafe potassium iodide tablets, the world class NBC-77 SOF CBRN filter, gas mask compatible canteen, and a drop-leg pouch carrying case

If WWIII goes nuclear, this NBC Survival kit can filter fallout in the air–keeping you safe in the worst-case scenario. 

MIRA Safety Military Gas Mask & Nuclear Survival Kit consist of drop-leg gas mask pouch, Thyrosafe potassium iodide tablets, NBC-77 SOF filter, Canteen

A powerful kit for nuclear, biological and chemical survival threat survival. (Image courtesy of MIRA Safety)


NBC Kids’ Survival Kit

Fires, CBRN Disasters, Viral Outbreaks

Without a doubt, the last three years have been hard on children. For many, the diagnosis is clear: The kids aren’t alright. For starters, many across the nation were thrust out of school and activities for an isolated life in the latter part of 2020. Alongside this, domestic abuse rose by nearly 10%. 

Returning to school might be a blessing for some–and a terror for others–but make no mistake about it: All kids step through those doors and wonder if the school will become their coffin thanks to some maniac active shooter. 

Now it looks like the war machine will greet them with open arms as they begin their adult lives. Truth be told, we cannot protect them from everything, but our NBC Kids’ Survival Kit can at least assure them safety from CBRN threats. 

Our Kid’s Survival kit comes with an MD-1 children’s gas mask, NBC-77 SOF filter for protection against all CBRN threats, a carrying case, and even Thyrosafe tablets for dealing with radiation. 

By creating a simple survival kit, you can show your children the path back to stability–developing survival skills that can be used in hard times. 


Kit consist of MD-1 children’s gas mask, NBC-77 SOF filter, Thyrosafe tablets and drop-leg pouch carrying case.

A kit to protect the little ones in your family from CBRN threats.

Final Thoughts on Serious CBRN Preparedness Kits

2 men standing, holding a gas mask.

Everyone needs a mask for protection.

To be sure, preparedness can be very personal. Food storage adages like “only store what you already eat” are an example of that. However, when it comes to gas masks and filters, you just need the best stuff

These kits are all packed with the best CBRN stuff on the market. There is really no need for you to become an expert in the minutia of type and class of filters, or materials like bromobutyl rubber. In the end, the kit designed to prepare you and your family already exists, we already built it, and you can add it to your stockpile when you’re ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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