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MD-1 Children’s Gas Mask

  • Made of non-toxic natural rubber, providing over 180 minutes of CBRN protection
  • Uses standard 40mm NATO threaded filters for interchangeability with adult masks
  • Articulating 5-point mesh head harness for added comfort
  • Designed with a panoramic polycarbonate visor for greater situational awareness

CBRN Child Escape Hood / Infant Gas Mask for Small Children

  • Designed to protect babies and small teens against CBRN threats
  • Comes as a complete system including an expandable mask, blower unit, tubing, back/waist carrier and integrated water bottle
  • Integrated hydration system allows for safe drinking, even in dangerous environments
  • Tested to provide up to 240 minutes of effective protection from mustard gas (CWA) according to MIL-STD-282 (method 204.1.1.)

Compare MIRA Safety PPE Kits

Each and every PPE kit we’ve assembled was done so with extreme care in consideration of specific threat scenarios. Below is a comparison chart to better inform your purchasing decision for your use case.

MIRA Safety MD-1 Children's Gas Mask - Full-Face Protective Respirator for CBRN Defense CM-3M CBRN Child Escape Respirator / Infant Gas Mask with PAPR
Respirator Model MD-1 CM-3M
External Approvals EN 148-1 Tested according to MIL-STD-282 (method 204.1.1.), ASTM D638, ISO 2039-1, etc.
Country of Origin Serbia Israel
Shelf-life 10 years 15 years
Weight 500 g ?
Effective Field of Vision >70% N/A
Binocular/Overlapped Field of Vision >70% N/A
Filter Connection Thread Rd 40 x 1/7" (Hose) Rd 40 x 1/7"
Sizes Medium, Large Universal Size
Material of the Facepiece Natural rubber, designed for comfort 4-layer PVC/nylon/nylon/PVC for maximum tear-resistance
Visors Polycarbonate 4-layer PVC/nylon/nylon/PVC for maximum tear-resistance
Drinking System No Yes
Exhalation Resistance 90 Pa at 30 L/min
Tested resistance against NBC Agent (S-Mustard Gas) 180 minutes 240 minutes
Bottom Line Affordable CBRN protection for children Simple to use, robust CBRN escape tool, able to accommodate younger children
Price $199.97 - $259.97 $549.97
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Whether you’re looking to outfit an entire squad, an agency, your employees, or your team of contractors, we offer the option to make bulk orders for any of our products at discounted rates.

professional-grade gas masks for everyone

At MIRA Safety, we take great pride in crafting gas masks for civilians and professionals alike. Weather you’re looking to outfit your agency, or your family, we have a wide variety of products to choose from. Our full-face gas masks offer professional-grade protection from a whole host of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats.

MIRA Safety is one of the only brands offering genuine children's gas masks that offer the same level of protection you get from adult gas masks. From anthrax, sarin and tear gas to nuclear fallout and toxic industrial chemicals, our masks will keep you safe and in the fight.

Affordability with Unmatched Features

MIRA Safety gas masks deliver uncompromising protection at a price any family can afford. Our full-face respirators all use 40mm NATO standard gas mask filters and universal parts, making it easier to adapt to each new challenge. They’re available in a variety of different sizes and configurations for nearly all ages and applications. Upgrade your personal protection with a MIRA Safety gas mask today!