CM-3M CBRN Child Escape Respirator / Infant Gas Mask with PAPR

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From the CBRN experts at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) comes a radical solution for a children’s gas mask. Combining a compact, battery-powered blower with a modern CBRN filter, this expandable hood can be deployed in a matter of seconds to provide hours of protection and easy breathing for some of the youngest members of your family. Unlike most modern gas masks, which are designed for military use, the CM-3M Child Escape Respirator is designed to specifically suit the needs of small children and young teenagers.

  • Comes as a complete system including an expandable mask, blower unit, tubing, back/waist carrier, integrated water bottle, and Israeli NBC Filter. 
  • Suitable for children as young as 2 up to and including small teens (fits children as young as a few months old, but due to the risk of them removing it, we only recommend for ages 2+)
  • Uses 4 standard CR123A batteries to power the blower with a runtime of 15-22 hours of continuous use
  • Multiple carrying options, with the included back carrier recommended for ages 4 and under and the included waist/belt mount for ages 4+
  • Blower/bellows system provides 45 liters per minute of air flow, overpressurizing the hood’s interior to ensure easy breathing
  • Hood constructed from 4-layer PVC/nylon/nylon/PVC for maximum tear-resistance (tested according to standard ASTM D882)
  • System has been tested to ensure 100% protection from aerosols
  • Tested to provide up to 240 minutes of effective protection from mustard gas (CWA) according to MIL-STD-282 (method 204.1.1.)
  • Comes in a compact, folded package, making it easy to store in a trunk, backpack or closet 
  • The blower unit can alternatively be attached to a standard 40 mm NATO gas mask, combining superior protection with easier breathing and longer use
  • Integrated hydration system allows for safe drinking, even in dangerous environments
  • Made in Israel


When it comes to child gas masks and personal protective equipment, nothing is as unique, innovative or practical as the MIRA Safety CM-3M Child Escape Respirator. It should come as no surprise that children have substantially less lung capacity than the average adult due to their smaller size. Because of this, they can struggle to draw enough air through the complex filters used in today’s gas masks (not to mention the difficulty getting a snug fit on a child with standard, adult-sized respirators).

Even if a child is large enough to use a full-sized mask with relative comfort, difficulty breathing will cause issues over time. They may fatigue more easily, become distracted, or worse. 

To date, there’s been little in the way of innovation when it comes to gas masks and PPE for children and infants, with the notable exception of the CM-2M gas mask system that was deployed to great effect during Chernobyl (and is still available here due to its impressive value and performance).

But now, with the CM-3M Child Escape Respirator, we provide a cutting-edge protective solution for your toddlers, children and young teens. 

Instead of wrestling with ill-fitting kids' face masks and straps, this unit can simply be expanded and placed over the child’s head. Once the blower is activated, the mask will overpressurize—simultaneously ensuring the child can breathe easily and providing a natural protective barrier to keep out aerosols and dangerous threats like mustard gas. The solution is as simple as it is robust: powered by household CR123 batteries and using standard 40 mm NATO filter cartridges.

It's no surprise that this kind of innovation comes out of Israel, where the country’s citizens live in a perpetual state of high alert awaiting the next attack from extremists. Whereas most countries are free to tailor their gas masks/PPE to suit frontline soldiers, every Israeli is effectively a frontline soldier. So, it makes sense they keep their family’s safety at heart even when it comes to the most extreme threats.

The CM-3M Kids Escape Respirator provides a great deal of protection from the threats you’re most likely to see on a daily basis. It’s easy to store and can be deployed at a moment’s notice to help you quickly and easily get your family to safety.

Please note that a gas mask filter/full-face respirator can only protect the soft tissues that it covers. For increased protection, we recommend a full-body covering (our HAZ-Suit is a flexible solution) including butyl rubber boots, butyl rubber gloves, and Kappler Chemtape to seal the gaps.


    Ask a Question
    • Hi, just placed my order. While waiting for it I was wondering if it’s safe for toddlers to sleep in a car seat with this on? Is there a built in exhalation valve to prevent suffocation in case of failure? Is the hood and tubing submersible in cleaning solution and disinfectant? If I use the blower on my adult respirator will it provide enough flow rate for light walking? Are there any filter plugs on the P3 filter or plugs on the hose or blower itself I need to remove before installing? Thanks.

      Your child can sleep in a car seat while wearing this, but it is vital to monitor the child to ensure they are comfortable, and the device is properly working. There is a built-in exhalation valve, but it is not meant as a failsafe. The function of this valve is to allow air to escape under positive pressure and keep contaminated air out. The hood and tubing are submersible for cleaning and disinfection. Yes, you can use this device with your adult respirator as a PAPR, and 45 l/min would be enough for physical activity. We would suggest you train with the PAPR to ensure you're fit enough to perform these activities while wearing the mask. The P3 filter does have two plugs on it that need to be removed before use.

    • How does this seal? A mask seals to your face but this looks like a hood just draped over the top of the child's shoulders.

      This mask seals around the neck with a special diaphragm. Considering this device works through positive pressure, even if there is a small gap in the seal, contaminants will be kept out as internal air is being pumped out at 45 l/min.

    • Please take this question seriously. Do you have, or know of a store that sells canine gas masks? We have 2 standard poodles that are unbelievably like our children. We can’t bear to think of them being unprotected.

      Great question, Julie. We do not have a solution as of right now but will be releasing a product later this year. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned.

    • Do you have a powered respirator for adults?

      We will be releasing a PAPR for adults within the next few weeks. This PAPR could be used with the CM-6M or CM-7M gas mask. 

    • Can the unit be powered by rechargeable batteries and an auxiliary battery pack for longer usage times ?

      Yes, you can use rechargeable CR123A batteries. There is no USB connection, so it cannot be powered with an auxiliary battery pack.

    • I have a 12 and 18-year-old would fit them?

      The CM-3M Child Escape Respirator will fit the 12-year-old but might be a bit small for the 18-year-old. If the 18-year-old is smaller than an average teenager, it should fit.

    • Is it the mask itself or the filter that gives it a CBRN rating?

      It is the combination of the mask and filter that gives it a CBRN rating. To provide more context, when testing personal protective equipment for CBRN threats, labs typically do a mustard gas test in accordance with MIL-STD-282 (method 204.1.1.). This product went through this test and was shown to provide 240 minutes of protection.