Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator Mask (TAPR)

  • Integrates seamlessly with ballistic helmets, eye protection, ear protection, and communication devices
  • Lightweight and compact design, ideal for everyday carry in purses, sling packs or backpacks
  • Trusted and fielded by the Czech Special Forces
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The Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator (TAPR) is the first EN-140 certified half-face respirator mask specifically designed for special operations, security actions, and rescue teams. Originally developed to suit the needs of the Czech Special Forces, the TAPR is designed to provide flexible, versatile protection for even the most challenging tactical situations.

Key features of the TAPR respirator mask:

  • Innovative, shooter-friendly design proven by active duty military
  • Uses widely available NATO-standard, 40-mm filter cartridges
  • Custom mesh head harness for standalone use
  • Optional FIDLOCK buckle system for rapid deployment with helmets that use the popular ARC rail system
  • Compatible with popular riot control helmet systems, including MSA Gallet and Schuberth riot control helmets
  • Compatible with a wide variety of protective goggles, shields, and face masks
  • Comes with a hardened travel case
  • Ultralight construction (just over 4 oz. without filter)
  • Built from high-quality sanitary silicone rubber
  • Anatomical design and unique harness system provide true one-size-fits-all protection
  • Compatible with our proprietary MIRA Gas Mask Microphone (sold separately)
  • Ideal for use with one of three compact gas mask filters (P-CAN Compact, Particlemax P3 Compact, and NBC-17 SOF)
  • Dual exhalation valves for easy breathing during long hours of use
  • Can be cleaned with common disinfectants for regular/repeated use
  • Carries MIRA Safety’s 1-year manufacturer warranty

Today’s special forces and elite law enforcement professionals face an unprecedented range of threats in the field.

And compromising tactical effectiveness for protection simply isn’t an option.

The TAPR is a modular half-face respirator platform that can be configured to integrate with most popular helmet systems and communications gear. It’s engineered for rapid deployment and reliable protection while preserving combat readiness and freedom of movement.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into your plate carrier, battle belt, or rig with the included pouch, the TAPR is often the best practical protection you can carry against a range of lethal and nonlethal threats.

Maximum Flexibility for Limitless Applications

Tactical Operations

The TAPR was specifically designed to help top operators tackle dynamic, real-life threats. With years of deployment and active combat use, the TAPR is a top choice among military professionals.

Riot Control & SWAT Use
Police & Emergency Patrol
Readiness Planning
Particulate Protection and More
Shooting Range Protection

What’s in the box?

The standard TAPR Kit comes with the following:

Center Port TAPR Body

Made from silicone rubber for comfort, it has two exhalation ports and a central 40-mm NATO threaded filter connector.

Mesh Head Harness
ParticleMax P3 Compact Filter
P-CAN Compact Filter
Carry Case
Nylon Pouch
Low-Profile Exhalation Cap

Optional Equipment

Along with the basic accessories that come with the TAPR kit, several additional accessories are available to expand functionality:

MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone

Make your mask comms-ready with an integrated microphone that’s compatible with Peltor and Ops-Core headsets.

ARC Rail Fidlock Connectors
MSA Gallet “German” Adapter Kit
Custom Right- or Left-Handed Shooter Configuration Body
NBC-17 SOF Filter

IMPORTANT NOTE: Half-face masks do not provide sufficient protection from CBRN threats, and the TAPR was NOT designed for prolonged exposure to unknown environments, blister agents, or toxic industrial chemicals.

TAPR Respirator Mask Technical Data:

Weight:                          120 g
Size:                               Universal Fit
Filter Connection:         EN 148-1, NATO STANAG 4155, 40×1/7“
Facepiece Material:      Silicone rubber
Color:                             Black
Inhalation Resistance: 
30 l/min flow rate max. 15 Pa
160 l/min flow rate max. 135 Pa

TAPR Storage

The TAPR military half-face respirator must be stored in a dark, cool, and dust-free location that’s free from sudden temperature changes. The storage room should be ventilated regularly. Temperatures may vary between 5°C and 25°C with relative humidity up to 65%. Full-face gas masks must not be exposed to radiant heat or sunshine. Fuels, solvents, lubricants, and other inflammable substances, including chemicals, must not be stored with masks. Moreover, there must not be any electrical machines or appliances that produce sparks or discharges during operation (ozone creation).

Avoid deformation of the rubber parts of the facepiece and internal CBRN gas mask during storage.

Color Type Classification Application Unit Weight (Kg/m) P-CAN P3 DOTpro 320
Efective? Capacity Efective? Capacity Efective Capacity Efective Capacity
A Organic gases & Vapours-boiling point > 65°C (A) CHECK 37 min @ 5000ppm CHECK CHECK 17.5 3.5 mg/dm3
B Inorganic gases and Vapours (not CO), i.e chlorine, H2S, HCN, etc. (B) CHECK >30 min @ 1000ppm CHECK 5.6 mg/dm3
E Acid gases CHECK >30 min @ 1000ppm CHECK 15.0 mg/dm3
K Ammonia and organic derivatives CHECK >60 min @ 1000ppm CHECK 3.5 mg/dm3
NO (+P3) Nitrogen oxides e.g NO, NO2, Nox CHECK
Hg (+P3) Mercury vapours
CO*C Carbon monoxide
P3 Particles CHECK >99.99% CHECK >99.99% CHECK 20 ± 5 mg/m3 CHECK (P3)
R Reusable CHECK CHECK CHECK 20 ± 5 mg/m3 CHECK
D Dolomite test (for clogging) CHECK CHECK CHECK


Ask a Question
  • What are the dimensions of the carrying case?

    The dimensions of the TAPR's carrying case are 14"L x 12"W x 4"H.

  • Will the M-LOK Adapter be compatible with Team Wendy helmets?

    Yes, we've launched a newer version of the M-LOK Adapter Set which will have new nuts and bolts that will make it compatible with Team Wendy helmets.

  • Will this protect against smoke? For example, civilian response into a burning building.

    Considering this is a half-face respirator, you'd still risk exposure to smoke and various burning chemicals during fires. For smoke-escape situations, we'd highly recommend our full-face respirators over the TAPR. Just to touch on the subject of what happens during fires: (1) Smoke particles are released. (2) Gases are released as things burn. (3) If you get caught in an oxygen-deprived area, carbon monoxide can form. A P3 filter will work to filter out smoke particles. However, it will not filter the gases that are released when things burn. For that, we recommend a multi-gas filter (like the NBC-77 SOF) that covers many types of gases, as it is unclear what gases you would be exposed to considering the variables. If you are looking for added protection from particles, gases, and carbon monoxide, we suggest using a CO + CBRN filter combo. Please note, however, that carbon monoxide is highly toxic, and smoke escape filters are only rated for 15 minutes of CO conversion (they convert CO into CO2, allowing you to breathe it out). An SCBA system is absolutely your best bet for fires. However, due to the expense and learning curve on how to use it, they aren’t practical for non-professional users.

  • Will the TAPR protect me from lead inhalation at the shooting range?

    Yes, it will. This is one of the most practical applications of the TAPR for anyone who likes to shoot.

  • Is this the right mask for me?

    The TAPR was developed for military and police use, but it’s a great choice for both tactical and non-tactical situations. It can be paired with a variety of filters to customize it for each situation. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to P100 masks for those in the medical/scientific professions. You can use it like you would any other respirator, but the filtration element is replaceable.

  • What kind of protection does a TAPR half-mask offer?

    So long as you could maintain a good seal, the type of contaminants you can filter would depend on the type of filter you’re using. As part of this release, we are also releasing three new compact filters for lower weight. This includes the ParticleMax P3 Compact (particulate filter), the P-CAN Compact (made for riot control gases), and the NBC-17 SOF (a lightweight CBRN filter). We have agency partners in the Czech Republic that actively use the TAPR (coupled with goggles and the P-CAN filter) for riot control gases, and it works really well. For filtering anything beyond that, many factors come into play that determines if a half-face mask like the TAPR would work for that particular threat. For example…is it a blister agent? If so, the TAPR will not work as it’s made of silicone rubber for extended comfort (most CBRN masks are made from butyl rubber due to their chemical resistance). Would the threat absorb into the eyes in vapor form? If so, tactical goggles will not work as most have a sponge-like layer around them that’s only meant to keep out particulates while keeping it breathable. So the answer here is similar to all CBRN-related answers…it depends on many factors.

  • Can you mount the filter on any of the 3 ports available?

    Yes, all 3 ports are threaded for standard 40mm NATO and should fit any of the filters available on our website. Do exercise caution when switching the Exhalation Valve Covers to different ports, as we cannot guarantee that you will be able to do it correctly on your own.

    For different port configurations that are pre-installed at the factory, we recommend adding the Right-Handed TAPR Body or Left-Handed TAPR Body to your kit as well.

  • So my question is, with the price line being similar to the CM-7M, what are the pros and cons going to be? I expect a few of the obvious ones, but I wonder which of these would be better for the concerned citizens.

    The biggest pro to the TAPR is that it's small, lightweight, and takes 40mm NATO threaded filters. It's more practical for Every-Day Carry (EDC) than a full-face respirator, considering it can pack away easily into a purse or backpack.

    Another big pro is compatibility with helmet systems, making it more comfortable to use while at the shooting range. Lead inhalation is a big concern for frequent shooters, and we want to normalize respirator use during training. Beyond respiratory protection, there is the added benefit of simulating combat conditions during training considering added breathing resistance.

    At the end of the day, the best mask is the one you have on you when an emergency happens. The TAPR was designed to travel with you wherever you go.

  • Can it be worn without a helmet

    The TAPR does come with a custom mesh head harness for standalone use.


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Alessandro B.
Italy Italy

Stunning Gas Masks!

Finally some high quality safety masks available to civilians like me. Keep up the great work!

MIRA Safety Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator Mask (TAPR) Review
Keifer SVG verified by SHOP

It’s perfect

Keifer SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

It’s perfect

Larry S.
United States United States

Great Product BUT

I am very happy with the quality of the MIRA TAPR. However, I recall the kit including 1 P3 filter and 1 NC-17 filter prior to the current configuration, which includes 1 P3 and 1 P-CAN filter... Personally, I want 1 daily use P3 filter for work and other projects and 1 CBRN filter for possible SHTF scenarios to improve my chance of getting home safe and healthy... Therefore I had to purchase both the new configurated TAPR and a $49 CBRN filter, simply because of a recent modification. However I am very pleased with my purchase and the delivery speed, considering its tax season and the new rocky Cold War.

Renfro SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

So far, it has worked great. I haven't tried it on anything heavy. it seems to be a nice quality mask