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P-CAN Police Gas Mask Filter

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The MIRA Safety P-CAN police gas mask filter is one of the world’s most advanced solutions for potential long-term exposure to riot control gasses including CS, CN, and OC. 

Featuring the same basic characteristics as other MIRA Safety filters, these hydrophobic P3 police gas mask filters have almost 3 times as much activated carbon as competing filters, providing up to 12 hours of rock-solid, reliable protection, even in wet conditions.

The filters are produced with standard round threads according to STANAG 4155 (EN 148-1)- Rd 40 x 1/7". In addition to a shelf life of almost double than competing filters, they also meet EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008 standards for the removal of CS/CN gas in vapor form. Individual canisters are vacuum-sealed, dated, and black in color for easy identification in inventory.


  • Specifically designed for law enforcement professionals for use with riot control agents/tear gases including CS, CN, and OC pepper spray
  • Hydrophobic coating on the embedded P3 filter ensures reliable function in rain, snow, or practically any conditions
  • Longer-lasting protection with almost 3X the activated carbon of competitors (250 cm3 vs. 90 cm3)
  • Delivers over 12 hours of reliable protection from riot control agents—giving officers the confidence they need to keep the peace
  • Compatible with standard 40 mm NATO-threaded respirators, which are widely available
  • 10-year shelf life—long-term savings and practical logistics with police gas mask filters that will remain usable for half an officer’s career
  • Weighs in at just 290 grams (10.2 oz) with a diameter of just 111 mm (4.3 inches)
  • Based on MIRA Safety filter design used by military personnel, CBRN specialists, and special operations forces all over the world
  • Certified by European agencies and bearing the “CE” symbol, compliant under EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008


When Regular Filters Just Won’t Cut it

Police in many American cities have come to realize that the filters that came with their standard riot gear start to saturate and fail fairly quickly. 

That’s where our new P-CAN police gas mask filter comes in. Designed specifically with the needs of riot police in mind, it can withstand prolonged exposure to all major riot control agents—in practically all climates—with a shelf life that spans half an officer’s career.

Exposure to riot control agents and their lachrymatory effects is enough to take an officer out of action for up to an hour. The results can only make a bad situation worse.

Protect yourself with the most cutting-edge new police gas mask filter on the market today—MIRA Safety’s P-CAN filter. 

Technical Specifications:

Technical Data

Breathing Resistance in Pa


110 mm

@ flow rate 30 l/min

@ flow rate 95 l/min


75 mm






290 g ±5%





Storage time

10 years (factory sealed)

Type and Class Particle filter efficiency @ flow rate 95l/m

Particle filter efficiency @ flow rate 95l/m

A2 - organic gases and vapours

P3 - particles

Sodium Chloride NaCl (S)

Paraffin oil (L)







SX - LE Agents

D- dust

R- reusable


1) requirement of European Standard EN 14387+A1

2) the filter was tested on dolomite dust clogging


Thanks to its hydrophobic P3 filter that’s embedded, these police gas mask filters can be exposed to sustained heavy rainfall without water ingress. They’ve been tested to perform at temperatures as low as -32° Celsius and exposed to temperatures of up to 159° Fahrenheit. They’re also functional in a full range of humidity—from 5% all the way up to 100%. Salt breeze will not deteriorate the filter, but prolonged exposure will limit it to a service life of 12–24 hours maximum.


The filters are sealed in plastic bags by the manufacturer. Store the filters unopened in a clean area with an even temperature, preferably 23 to 86°F (-5 to +30°C) and relative humidity below 80%. The storage period (month and year) for filters is clearly marked on the filter label. Do not try to regenerate the filters. Never clean the filters with compressed air or compressed water.


After use, remove from the respirator and treat the filter as special refuse and dispose of as solid waste in accordance with current waste treatment regulations based on the substance(s) filtered (gasses or particles). Please consult the appropriate local authority and/or regulations for disposal advice and locations.


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Filter Reviews:
United States United States
Very good quality

I was skeptical about buying gas mask filters because of so many knock-off versions out there these. They are tried and true and coming from a reputable company it makes me comfortable.. overall I'm happy

Rey G.
United States United States
Well built

The over all casing of the filter is very robust so no need to worry about it cracking if taking a hard impact, no need to use one yet so can not say how easy it is to breath through but going of their other quality products im sure I won’t be let down here. Great purchase will by more if need be

Jeremy A.
United States United States
Other places exist to purchase?

If they do I'd still not bother...Quality, Efficient, Products that you need...no searching the net for 5 different items...Mira...one spot...your trusted name in personal protection equipment. Do NOT trust anyone else with items of life and death...do you think your going to care about what you saved on that emergency device if/when it fails on you? Buy Mira, Stay Mira, Mira is like Merica...only different.

Andrew C.
United States United States
Excellent function

Worked well with the 7M and was on par with current issue MSA cartridges. Size is a little large by comparison but light weight made up for the size issue.