MIRA Safety DotPro 320 40mm Gas Mask Filter

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Combining the same practical protection of our premium filters with a price point that’s tough to beat, our DOTPro 320 respirator filters give you the best bang for your buck when you’re stocking up for yourself, your family, or your organization. Flexible, affordable, and built to last with a shelf life of 7.5 years, DOTPro 320 NBC filters may provide exactly the kind of protection you’re looking for. 


Key Features:

  • 40 mm x 1/7” NATO filter standard (EN 148-1:1999) threading
  • Built to comply with a wide variety of international standards, including EN 14387:2004+А1:2008, EU Health and Safety requirements
  • Full Spectrum protection from NBC/ABEK threats
  • 7.5 year shelf life, expiration date clearly marked on filter housing 
  • Easy to deploy and color-coded based on the protection it offers


Flexible and Cost-Effective Protection from Catastrophe 

A gas mask is only as good as the filters attached to it, and here at MIRA Safety, we pride ourselves on offering the very best at every budget point—like the flexible DOTPro 320.

This is the best gas mask filter for anyone on a budget or anyone who’s buying for a larger family/group. While our NBC-77 SOF filter still has it beat with a much longer shelf life, these DOTPro 320 gas mask canisters still provide outstanding performance and value that beats most competitors on the market today.

DOTPro 320 gas mask filters are designed to overcome a wide variety of chemical, nuclear, and biological threats—which they’re proven to do extremely well. Engineered to meet strict EU standards and accompanied by relevent filtration data (see below), DOTPro filters are at least equal in “by the numbers” quality to most filters on the market today.

Combine that with superior usability, color-coded labeling, clearly marked expiration dates and rugged construction and you get the best entry-level gas mask filter on the market today.

When it comes to stocking up on gas mask filters, we advise keeping as many good filters on hand as you can comfortably afford. So, even if you’re buying a few high-end NBC-77 SOF filters, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few DOTPro filters for added protection, flexibility and peace of mind.


The initial filter resistance to constant air flow at volumetric flow rate of 95 dm/min, Pa (millimeter of water column), max 

DOTpro 320 А2В2Е2К2Р3 R D

– cyclohexane at a concentration of (17.5 ± 1.7) mg/dm3;


– hydrogen cyanide at a concentration of (5.6 ± 0.5) mg/dm3;


– sulfur hydride at a concentration of (7.1 ± 0.7) mg/dm3;


– chlorine at a concentration of (15.0 ± 1.5) mg/dm3;


– sulfur dioxide at a concentration of (13.3 ± 1.3) mg/dm3;


– ammonia at a concentration of (3.5 ± 0.3) mg/dm3




DOTpro 320 filters should be stored in a cool, dry place away from hazardous substances. The filters should be stored in their original packaging at temperatures from 50°F to 120°F  with maximum humidity of 98%. Storage in conditions other than those specified can affect shelf life. Expiration date s specified on each DOTpro 320 filter. The guaranteed shelf life of DOTpro 320 filters in the original package of Sorbent JSC from the date of manufacture is 7.5 years.


Ask a Question
  • I am aware that a P3 filter is required to block the coronavirus. Which one of your filters is P3?

    MIRA Safety filters (NBC-77 SOF, VK-450, DOTpro 320) are classified as "combined filters" and contain a P3 filter along with activated carbon. For those that don't know what P3 means, it is a rating for a particle filter that blocks 99.9999%+ of particulates. As viruses travel in liquid aerosols and particulates, this filter (when coupled with a full face respirator) would prevent the coronavirus from entering your breathing passages and eyes.

  • What are some examples that they protect the user from? Just as tear gas being one example.

    This filter is rated under the European designation A2B2E2K2 P3 R D. To decode this, please read our blog post which details what each letter/number combo means.

  • Will this work With Scott Aviva Half Face Respirator which has NID 40 threads?

    No, they will not, as the Scott Aviva has a different type of 40mm connection port. The keywords you should look for are "EN 148-1 thread" or "40mm NATO".

  • Will the DOTpro 320 fit and seal on a GP5 gas mask with 40mm GOST threads? If so, do you have express shipping in the USA? and what is the limit of units per order?

    It will not fit a GP5 as this filter has different threading (40mm NATO). We do have express shipping, but at this time (Feb 29th, 2020) we are running at a 4 week lead time considering the COVID-19 outbreak. There is no limit as to how many you can purchase.

  • Will these fit a MSA millennium mask?

    Yes they will as they both have 40mm NATO threading.

  • This will work with the Israeli m15 mask right?

    Yes, as they are both threaded for 40mm NATO.

  • How many hours of consistent use is each of the MIRA P3 rated filters effective for protection against viruses?

    MIRA P3 flters are effective for as long as you can wear the mask, so long as there are no other threats present. Please keep in mind, filters are disposable products and should be discarded after they come in contact with a contaminant.

  • You state in a previous question that "So long as the only threat is viral particles, it will last for as long as you can wear the mask." Does that mean the filter will filter viral particles for a long long time (months/year). Or do you mean as long as you can wear the mask in one sitting?

    This means as long as you can wear the mask in one sitting.

  • As long as I decontaminate the outside of the filter, keep the filter attached to the mask, and cover the intake, how long will the filter be fulfilling its purpose?

    Respirator filters are a disposable product, meant for one single use. For your safety, we do not recommend re-using a filter that's been exposed to contaminants.

  • How long can the filter be used until one should consider it ineffective against a virus? For example, can one install the filter; go out to the supermarket; come home and take off the mask; wash the mask and then when one needs to go out again, assume that the filter will work? Or is this solely effective for one-time use and has to be disposed of as soon as one takes off the mask?

    Filters are only suitable for one use, as they become toxic waste once they come in contact with a contaminant. You can decontaminate the outside of the filter, but you cannot decontaminate or regenerate the inside of the filter.

  • What is the manufacture date on the dot pro 320 that will be shipped, if bought.

    We receive shipments for the DOTpro 320 filters every month, so typically the manufacturing date is the month before. At most, they are two months old.

  • How long does it last in use for viral protection?

    So long as the only threat is viral particles, it will last for as long as you can wear the mask.

  • There is very little information provided to explain exactly what purpose are facilitated by the cartridges you are selling. These things are very expensive. What is the cheapest canister I can purchase to protect against the coronavirus?

    The DOTpro 320 is the cheapest product on our website to protect from the coronavirus. In general, the most affordable option (if you go with a full-face respirator) would be 40mm NATO threaded P3 filters. We will be releasing these very soon on the website, and they will retail for $25/unit. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

  • What's the difference between the DOTpro 320 and NBC-77 SOF filters?

    The DOTpro 320 is a general-purpose ABEK filter with a 7.5-year shelf life, while the NBC-77 SOF is a 20-year shelf life CBRN filter. You can tell them apart by looking at the filter rating (A2B2E2K2...etc), and you will see that the NBC-77 SOF covers more threats than the DOTpro 320. For more information on filter ratings, please review our Gas Mask Buyers Guide.


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United States United States
Ordered and received 2 days later!

Super fast shipping! Filters look great, both had the red tape showing never opened but one of the screw tops was loose which is weird

donny r.
United States United States
Great filter at a Great Price

These are great filters. I hope they become available again.

Rick V.
United States United States
I have yet to receive said filter due to import restrictions

Read title please

Michael J.
United States United States
Never Received Filter

Could be a great filter... I wouldn't know... I ordered one almost 4 months ago and never received the filter. I was waiting patiently until I got an email asking me for a review. At this point I'd rather just have my $40 back... You asked...

United States United States
Haven’t had to use them yet

Praise gheeeezus.