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MIRA Safety VK-450 Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Filter Cartridges

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The VK-450 filter is out of stock and not available for backorder. 


Transform your gas mask into a reliable, fully functioning multiuse smoke hood with these VK-450 filters. Designed to overcome smoke & particulates (along with high concentrations of carbon monoxide), these advanced filters provide crucial hours of protection and clean air from some of the most common disasters faced by US citizens. Grab a few VK-450 filters for your family today!


Key Features:

  • Proven design provides comprehensive protection from a wide range of NBC threats, smoke and particulates.
  • Smoke respirator mask filter can be used in environments with as little as 19.5% oxygen.
  • Can be used at temperatures ranging from -40°С to +40°С.
  • Protection from ammonia, acetonitrile, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, phosgene, chlorine, chloropicrin, nitrogen oxides.
  • Each filter is vacuum-sealed and clearly labeled with its expiration date.
  • Long-lasting 13.5-year shelf life.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty ensures filters perform to specifications.


Turn Your Gas Mask into a Respirator for Smoke with the VK-450

Wildfires are a constant threat to the Western United States—where thousands of citizens may be forced to evacuate at a moment’s notice through choking clouds of smoke and searing heat. Meanwhile, over 71,000 homes are lost in structure fires every year, according to studies from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Yet, few own escape respirators or fire protection hoods.

That means that fire poses an immediate threat to millions of unprepared American families. That’s where our VK-450 gas mask filters come in. 

While most conventional gas masks and filters can protect you from hundreds of nuclear, biological and chemical threats, the VK-450 is one of just a few filters that can also protect you from carbon monoxide and minimize the risk of smoke inhalation. The VK-450 helps to convert CO into CO2, allowing you to breathe it out. So, instead of also keeping a single-use fire/smoke hood on hand, you can use your existing gas mask for smoke protection in case of a house fire or wildfire.

Of course, these filters still provide full protection from NBC threats, and they sport a truly impressive 13.5-year shelf life. They come individually packaged and are easy to stack, store and manage. 

If you’ve got a gas mask, or if you’re thinking about getting one, don’t overlook these flexible filters. Scroll down to check out the full details:

 VK-450 technical specifications are as follows:

– initial filter resistance to constant airflow at a volume flow rate of

30 dm3/min, Pa (mm water column), max

206 (21.0)

– initial filter resistance to constant airflow at a volume flow rate of 95 dm3/min, Pa (mm water column), max

820 (83.7)

– filter breakthrough time measured by test substances, minutes, minimum:

• cyclohexane at a concentration of (3.5 ± 0.4) mg/dm3


• hydrogen cyanide at a concentration of (5.6 ± 0.5) mg/dm3


• hydrogen sulfide at a concentration of (7.1 ± 0.7) mg/dm3 


• chlorine at a concentration of (15.0 ± 1.5) mg/dm3


• sulfur dioxide at a concentration of (13.3 ± 1.3) mg/dm3 


• ammonia at a concentration of (0.7 ± 0.1) mg/dm3


• mercury vapors at a concentration of (0.013 ± 0.001) mg/dm3

100 h

• nitrogen monoxide at a concentration of (3.1 ± 0.3) mg/dm3


• nitrogen dioxide at a concentration of (4.8 ± 0.4) mg/dm3


• carbon monoxide at a concentration of (6.2 ± 0.6) mg/dm3


• cyanogen chloride at a concentration of (5.0 ± 0.5) mg/dm3


• dimethyl ether at a concentration of (0.95 ± 0.1) mg/dm3


• isobutane at a concentration of (6.0 ± 0.6) mg/dm3



VK-450 filters should be stored at −50°F to +120°F with maximum humidity not exceeding 98%. VK-450 filters should not be exposed to impact, hazardous gases or vapors. 


Ask a Question
  • I am aware that a P3 filter is required to block the coronavirus. Which one of your filters is P3?

    MIRA Safety filters (NBC-77 SOF, VK-450, DOTpro 320) are classified as "combined filters" and contain a P3 filter along with activated carbon. For those that don't know what P3 means, it is a rating for a particle filter that blocks 99.9999%+ of particulates. As viruses travel in liquid aerosols and particulates, this filter (when coupled with a full face respirator) would prevent the coronavirus from entering your breathing passages and eyes.

  • Does this filter contain any asbestos?

    No, it does not. 

  • If I combine the VK-450 with the NBC-77 SOF filter (one on each side), would I get the benefits of both?

    We recommend wearing one filter at a time as it's more comfortable and lowers the weight on your face. If you choose to wear two filters simultaneously, your filtration level would be equivalent to the filter that filters the least. In the case of the NBC-77 SOF and VK-450, the NBC-77 SOF does not oxidize CO, so the combo would still let CO into your lungs. 

  • What happens if I use a filter beyond the specified shelf life? I know that it is not recommended, but is it a real hazard to life?

    For safety purposes, we recommend that the filter's shelf life be strictly adhered to. Activated carbon degrades over time — we guarantee that so long as all the conditions are adhered to (i.e. storage conditions), the specs we put out on the filters will hold true at the end of its shelf life. Beyond the specified shelf life, we can no longer guarantee its effectiveness.

  • Viruses can only survive on surfaces for a period of a few days maximum. So if the only concern is only viruses like the coronavirus (and I don't have to worry at all about exposure to chemicals, etc.), why is it that gas mask filters cannot be reused after a few days, when any viruses that were on/in it will no longer be a danger?

    For safety reasons, we cannot recommend reusing any filter. This would go against all safety standards set out by regulatory agencies all over the world regarding disposable filters.

    If you insist on re-using a filter against COVID-19, it would be best to refer to CDC's guidelines. As new information is constantly being released regarding this virus, it would be best to refer to their updates on how long you'll need to quarantine an exposed filter before you can re-use it.

  • Will these work with the MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask - Full-Face Respirator for CBRN Defense?

    Yes, they will, as both are 40mm NATO threaded.

  • Once opened and in use, how long does this filter last before needing to be replaced?

    That depends on a few factors, including the contaminant type, concentration, breathing rate, along with atmospheric conditions. Specifically for CO conversion, this filter is rated for 15 minutes at 5000ppm, which is the standard for smoke escape filters.

  • How does the NBC-77 SOF compare to VK-450? In terms of protection from smoke due to wildfires?

    Both filters will work on smoke particles and certain gases/vapors that are produced when things burn. The VK-450, however, also contains an oxidizing agent that converts CO into CO₂, allowing you to breathe it out. It has been tested to convert CO for 15 minutes, at a concentration of 5000ppm.

  • In a few other answers, it was mentioned that these will fit the new GOST standard. Will these filters work on the Bayonet to GOST converter on the PMK-2. If not, will they work on the PMK-4,3 or S?

    These filters will work with any 40mm NATO threaded mask or NATO threaded converter. I am not sure if your converter meets the EN 148 thread standard. If it does, it should work just fine.

  • Can VK-450 filters work with GOST thread masks?

    These filters are threaded for 40mm NATO, so they cannot be threaded onto old-style 40mm GOST masks. They can, however, be used with masks that fit the new GOST standard which is 40x3.5mm, same as 40mm NATO.

  • Are these filters permitted to fly on airlines?

    That depends on where you are flying. Each country has different laws on what can and cannot be imported. As per US regulations, you are allowed to travel with a set of personal protective equipment for personal use.

  • How long are the filters effective once opened and installed on a mask?

    Filter use time depends on a few factors, including atmospheric conditions, contaminant type, concentration, along with your breathing rate. As a general rule of thumb, we would suggest having two filters per person per day for emergency evacuation purposes.


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United States United States

Great customer service

There was a small problem with my original order.Problem was promptly made right. Thanks

United States United States


Haven’t had to use, hope I won’t have to. I glad I have them to protect my family.

todd e.
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Great product

Great product and super fast shipping with outstanding communication!!

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Smooth and fast

Easy to place an order, and it was quickly fulfilled. I've purchased several times from Mira, and have been supremely satisfied each time.

Harry C.
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Mira Safety products means quality

Having the right equipment in times of need is a must. Be proactive not reactive. Awesome product.