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A New China, Russia, North Korea Alliance?

By Matt Collins
In spite of their common enemies, China, Russia, and North Korea have never truly joined forces. In recent months, however, the trio of former and present socialist countries appear to be forming an anti-Western bloc. So, what does this mean for Americans? We take you through it.
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blog posts

  • Salisbury Under Siege: The Novichok Nerve Agent Attack Uncovered

    Nerve agents have long represented a particularly nerve-racking CBRN threat. And with Russia repeatedly proving its willingness to deploy these toxic chemicals in order to silence dissenters abroad, the threat of becoming collateral damage in a chemical attack–as was the case for three British citizens in Salisbury, England in 2018–is growing. We give you the details.
  • Russia-Ukraine War Update: Fall 2023

    When Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022, many international onlookers expected that Kyiv would only be able to hold out a few weeks–or at most a few months–before inevitably succumbing to the military might of its eastern neighbor. But the plucky Slavic nation surprised everyone, mounting a surprisingly robust defense against the more populous and battle-tested Russian bear. Get all the latest here.

  • From Forest Fires to “Smoke Brain”: The Hidden Hazards of Smoke Inhalation

    As wildfires become increasingly common—just look at Hawaii and Canada—new concerns about their impacts are arising, like the emerging evidence that prolonged wildfire smoke exposure causes brain damage. But is there a way to preempt this condition? We give you the facts.
  • Surviving the Next Deadly Pandemic: The Five Pillars of Pandemic Survival

    With three new variants emerging, the threat of another lockdown is growing increasingly palpable. What’s more, scientists say we may face another pandemic before 2050. So what should you do, should another quarantine hit? We give you our top recommendations.