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You Found White Powder in your Mail—Is It Anthrax?

By James Walton

Anthrax is a devastating bacterial threat that was first observed over 250 years ago, and it remains a potent biological weapon to this day. In fact, its spores can survive almost indefinitely in the right storage conditions, and as the 2001 Amerithrax attacks showed, the substance can be a deadly weapon in the hands of terrorists. So how do you prevent contamination? We review the facts.

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  • Could the Worst Hurricane in Florida History Trigger a Nuclear Disaster?

    In 1935, Florida experienced the worst hurricane in its history. Since then, multiple power plants have been built, heralding potential calamity during hurricane season. So, a century on, we ask ourselves: What are the risks to everyday Americans?
  • California in Crisis: Hurricane Hilary's Impact and the West Coast's Battle Against Extreme Elements

    If you don’t come from California, it might surprise you to learn that the coastal state rarely experiences hurricanes. All of that changed on Sunday night, however. In this special report, we review the myriad threats that Post Tropical Cyclone Hilary poses to Americans: from hazardous airborne particulates to the increased danger of wildfires, as we have seen in both Hawaii and Washington state.

  • 2023 Russian Navy Update: Diving Deep

    After a resounding defeat at the hands of the Japanese at the Battle of Tsushima of 1905, the Russian navy began the twentieth century as a global laughing stock. By the end of it, however, they were one of the most formidable seafaring forces in the world. Taking you through the history, from Peter the Great to Yasen-class submarines, we lay out the threat that the Russian navy poses to everyday Americans—and what you can do about it.

  • Oklahoma Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster: Could it Happen HERE?

    Though Oklahoma is not typically associated with earthquakes, the danger of a "Big One" is real—spelling out potential disaster for any nuclear power plants that may be built there. So what can you do to prepare? We give you the latest.