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From Forest Fires to “Smoke Brain”: The Hidden Hazards of Smoke Inhalation

By AJ Milla
As wildfires become increasingly common—just look at Hawaii and Canada—new concerns about their impacts are arising, like the emerging evidence that prolonged wildfire smoke exposure causes brain damage. But is there a way to preempt this condition? We give you the facts.
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  • Surviving the Next Deadly Pandemic: The Five Pillars of Pandemic Survival

    With three new variants emerging, the threat of another lockdown is growing increasingly palpable. What’s more, scientists say we may face another pandemic before 2050. So what should you do, should another quarantine hit? We give you our top recommendations.

  • Like a New York Hurricane: Evaluating Major CBRN Threats to New York and New Jersey

    As two of the most iconic states in the union, New York and New Jersey have a lot of appeal for those desiring a vibrant lifestyle. But what are the risks associated with living there? We walk you through it.
  • Chemical Agents Next Door: When Hazmat Testing Reveals a Neighbor's Malice

    It seems the folkloric "Florida Man" has struck again—this time, injecting opioids under the door of his upstairs neighbors: a young couple and their newborn baby. It's a shocking story, one that begs the question: How does one prepare for a chemical attack at the homestead?
  • Russia and China Unite: Assessing the Sino-Russian Return

    China’s Navy has been conducting “joint Pacific exercises” with multiple Russian warships, signaling strengthening ties between the two countries. But what does this mean for everyday Americans? And how can you prepare, should Cold War tensions be reignited? We break it down.