SPECIAL REPORT: 2023 U.S. Train Derailments and Spills Map

SPECIAL REPORT: 2023 U.S. Train Derailments and Spills Map

by Aden Tate

“Another train derailment?! You’ve got to be kidding me!”

No doubt these words have flashed through your mind many times over the past few months.

Indeed, Americans have heard more about train derailments in 2023 than ever before. Thanks to the catastrophe in East Palestine in February of this year, it seems as though every news cycle in recent months involves a train wreck of some kind.

To try to make sense of the mayhem, we at MIRA Safety have created this handy train derailment map, pictured below. That way, you can keep tabs on what exactly has happened where. 

Let's take a look.

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    What Can We Glean Here?

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2023 Train Derailment Map

For your convenience, we’ve created an interactive map that displays all reported train derailments that have occurred within the mainland United States so far in the year of 2023. Click here to check it out.


Note that it takes several months for the full results of a train derailment investigation to be officially released. As a result, it can be challenging to find information for many of the above data points.

Accordingly, you may notice that, for many train crashes, the listed cause is "under investigation." Normally, this pronouncement is made on the day the derailment occurs, and it can be challenging—if not impossible—to find further updates on the matter as time goes on. This holds particularly true if the catalyst for a given derailment is not particularly noteworthy.

The same goes for data about the derailment site. Again, information is limited, as we're primarily sourcing from the brief synopses provided by small-time news organizations.

It bears mentioning, too, that it can be difficult to determine the exact company involved in the derailment. This is because companies often lease their locomotives to other companies within the railroad business, making it tricky to ascertain the details of ownership.


Since the publishing of this article, there have been several more train derailments and chemical spills around the U.S. For your convenience, here is a list of our latest reporting:

🔶 In Jacksonville, Florida, a rail car stationed at the Florida East Coast Railway spilled nearly 30,000 gallons of hydrochloric acid, causing a temporary closure of the Philips Highway.

🔶 In Livingston, Kentucky, a freight train derailment involving sixteen train cars occurred. Alarmingly, two of the cars—containing molten sulfur—were breached and set ablaze, leading to an ill-timed Thanksgiving evacuation of the local area.

🔶 In La Porte, Texas, a shelter-in-place order was issued following a phosgene gas. Eight workers were hospitalized—later released in stable condition.

    What Can We Glean Here?

    In the past, we’ve espoused the merits of keeping a CBRN go-bag in your vehicle, as this can help keep your family safe during a chemical accident.

    The same holds true for train derailments. After all, railroad tracks crisscross the entire United States, making it likely that you live or work near a crossing. And since an accident can happen anywhere, and at any time, it's best to stay prepared.

    Luckily, MIRA Safety makes this easy. With a simple NBC-77 filter and a CM-6M gas mask kept safe in a nearby pouch, you'll be able to rapidly don respiratory protection whilst seeking safer ground, should a train accident cause a chemical spill in your area.

    Notably, the NBC-77 is trusted by military units worldwide to protect them against CBRN threats, making it reliable protection for your lungs during a crisis.

    For comprehensive protection, we highly recommend pairing your mask and filter with a MIRA Safety HAZ-Suit, butyl gloves, boots, and ChemTape. This will form a tight seal around your entire body and prevent skin contact with harmful industrial chemicals.

    If you're worried about the logistics of keeping so many items handy, don't worry: these products can all be packed down to fit inside most backpacks.

    It should be stressed, however, that we only advise deploying a full suit on the condition that there is sufficient time to do so. If not, the priority is to garb your gas mask and filter and make good your escape. After all, skin exposure can be dangerous, but direct inhalation is even more harmful in most cases.

    With all of that said, what are your thoughts on the train derailments that keep popping up in the headlines? Are these stories just more of the same? Or are they indicative of a deeper problem? Tell us in the comments below!

    Contributions and updates from Effy Lindström

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