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MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask with Silverplus® Biocidal Technology (2 Pack)

19 reviews
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Embedded with a revolutionary new compound called Silverplus®, our Protective Safety Mask offers a degree of added protection you just can’t get from a traditional cotton mask. Thanks to the inherent antimicrobial properties of the elemental silver in Silverplus®, these masks effectively reduce odor and limit the spread of microorganisms.

Safety Mask Kit Contents:

(1) MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask with classic MIRA Safety logo
(1) MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask with MIRA Safety biohazard insignia
(1) MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask Bag

Safety Mask Key Features:

  • Silverplus®-infused cotton construction with comfortable straps
  • Available in two sizes to fit adults and children
  • 100% cotton construction
  • 2-pack includes one mask with the MIRA Safety logo and another with a biohazard insignia
  • Designed to last a lifetime, Silverplus® fabrics have been tested after 100 washes and still deliver 99.9% bacterial reduction
  • Silverplus® is environmentally neutral and produces no hazardous waste
  • Practically unlimited shelf life
  • Engineered for a snug fit to minimize fogging of eyewear
  • Backed by MIRA Safety’s 1-year warranty
  • Made in the Czech Republic 

The antimicrobial properties of silver have long been understood and appreciated. From medicine to cosmetics, silver is a surprising component in a variety of products. From silver-containing gauze to overalls metallized with silver—crucial for neurodermatitis treatments—many modern medical technologies would be impossible without silver.

Now, we can apply some of those benefits to everyday items—like the protective safety masks everyone is wearing daily these days…

Silverplus® adheres to interstices, the smallest spaces within the weave of the fabric, and embeds itself through micropigmentation. Once embedded, it’s not coming out. Meanwhile, embedded silver ions go to work attacking bacteria at the molecular level with a three-step mechanism of effect:

  1. Blocking oxygen-transporting enzymes
  2. Deactivating specific proteins within bacteria
  3. Locking the cell membrane

The result is an antibacterial face mask that’s machine washable and odor-free, providing an added layer of protection from harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

That’s right: the benefit of silver is right there in the smell—or lack of smell. Neutralizing all sorts of bacteria, including the odor-carrying kind, these silver face masks are a great upgrade from the masks you’ve been wearing.

These masks have a practically unlimited shelf life, and they’re backed by MIRA Safety’s 1-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 

Technical details





100% Cotton

Yarn count

EN ISO 2060








Thread count

EN ISO 1049-2





Width/ usable width

EN ISO 1773



150/148 +


EN ISO 12127






Yarn or fabric dyeing


Dimensional stability


EN ISO 6330 (hang to dry)



Seam slippage


EN ISO 13936-2

to 5 mm



Tensile strength


EN ISO 13934-1

200 N



Size Guide: The size of the MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask is measured as half of the width. 

Medium: 11cm
Large: 12cm

MIRA Safety Protective Face Mask size guide


Storage and Cleaning

Each MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask with Silverplus® is machine washable (ideally with WARM water). They can be dried in a standard dryer but are best left to air dry. Even after 100 wash cycles, tests show that Silverplus® fabrics retain 99% of their biocidal properties. Masks can be stored like any other fabric, preferably in a cool, dry place. Inspect mask for holes and tears before each use. If the straps lose elasticity, discard the mask. 

DISCLAIMER: This Protective Safety Mask is NOT intended for the prevention of disease. Cloth facemasks are currently required in many areas to limit the projection of aerosolized droplets from talking or sneezing.


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United States United States

silverplus mask

like every thing about it. good to have on hand.

Kristopher O.
United States United States

Cloth masks

Its a cloth mask, from my experience it is just like every other cloth mask. Doesnt really work but keeps mask police happy

John S.
United States United States

Silver plus face mask

Like the fit.Seals good around my face.l don't understand how silver works,but like the idea

United States United States


Fit well and like the logo on mask

Nick S.
United States United States

Great quality and design

I think the overall design of the masks are great. When pulled snug over the face, the mask would fit comfortably, and all edges of the mask, other than on either side of the nose (there are slight gaps) would be resting on the face. The angled out front is good feature as is lets the mask rest on your nose without it pushing too much into your face. These masks are, for the most part, easy to breathe in (granted there is a gap on either side of the nose and mask). Now if used in a more strenuous activity, these are going to get a bit warm, but for the casual outing (shopping, visiting, walking around, etc), these masks are going to stay quite ok to breathe into, even after an hour or two of having it on. The carrying bag is nice as well, plenty of space for both masks when it is closed (without crinkling them). The bag will stay firmly closed when you pull out the strings, no need to tie the ends afterwards. Now, as for a tip, when you are not using the masks, it is ideal to store each of them in the carrying case, as all three attract hairs and micro fibers very easily. I have only found one main thing I did not enjoy too much about the masks and that was that the elastics were too loose, so the masks would still stay up, but just not snug to my face. The size of the masks are great, as they will cover your mouth and nose with ease. Although, when first receiving the masks, they were a lot thinner than what I expected them to be. Coming from a website that sells a ton of higher end gas masks and equipment, I was expecting the masks to be somewhat thicker than your average mask, maybe having a couple different layers of filtration. Of coarse there was nothing in the description to hint around them being a bit thick, I just assumed that they would have been. Apart from this, though, the fact that each mask is infused with silver particles is pretty cool. One minor thing that I noticed is that (at least for me), when first opening the package, it'll smell kind of like pickles, but the smell will soon fade away after opening it. I've had these masks for about a month now, and the stitching and logos have stayed together quite well, and the elastic has not stretched out any. Overall, great quality and design, just the elastic could be a bit tighter.

MIRA Safety MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask with Silverplus® Biocidal Technology (2 Pack) ReviewMIRA Safety MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask with Silverplus® Biocidal Technology (2 Pack) ReviewMIRA Safety MIRA Safety Protective Safety Mask with Silverplus® Biocidal Technology (2 Pack) Review