MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit for CM-6M , CM-7M and CM-8M Gas Masks

  • Available in three lens colors and four lens types to match any time of day and vision preference
  • Easily mounts directly to your CM-6M , CM-7M and CM-8M mask without compromising a full face seal
  • Custom-tailored to the user's eye prescription for full vision clarity
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure to double-check that the uploaded prescription and selected options are correct. This is a made-to-order custom product, and there are no returns, cancellations, or exchanges allowed. All orders are final. Current lead times are around 4 weeks. If you have any questions before ordering, feel free to send an email to support@mirasafety.com, or click the chat bubble below. 

As part of the order process, we require a current prescription. You can either upload the prescription on this product page or send it to us via email at support@mirasafety.com.

If you'd like a Spectacle Kit without lenses, send us an email and we'll send you a custom invoice. The price of a stand-alone frame for either the CM-6M , CM-7M and CM-8M gas mask is $119.95. 


Here’s How to Order Your Spectacle Kit

When it comes to ordering a prescription Spectacle Kit for your gas mask, we’ve made it as easy as possible.

STEP 1: You’ll need to choose either the MV-6M (for MIRA Safety CM-6M masks) or MV-7M (for MIRA Safety CM-7M masks) or MV-8M (for MIRA Safety CM-8M masks).

STEP 2: Select one of the four lens types:

  1. “Single vision” are relatively uniform, slightly thicker prescription lenses that have been optimized for use in a gas mask.
  2. “Bifocal” prescription lenses have a lens for distance vision up top and a magnification lens for reading on the bottom, with the proportions optimized for your specific gas mask.
  3. “Progressive” or “no-line” prescription bifocals provide a gradation that’s ideal for those who need close-up vision at 12 inches as well as intermediate vision to see something like a gun sight.
  4. “Plano” lenses are super thin lenses without any prescription. This lens type is ideal for those without a vision issue who’d like to add SMOKESIGHT XT or True Color Reception lenses to their gas mask.

STEP 3: Select one of three lens colors you’d like.

  1. Clear Lenses - These are ideal for general use. 
  2. Grey Tinted Lenses (True Color Reception) - Designed for safety and visual recognition in bright lighting. More info on this below. 
  3. Yellow Tinted Lenses (SMOKESIGHT XT) - Originally developed for firefighters to provide enhanced vision in smoky or low-light conditions. More info on this below. 

Step 4: Upload your prescription, including your Pupil Distance Measurement:

NOTE: If your PD does not appear on your Rx form, simply call the last place you had glasses made, and they should be happy to provide your PD measurement over the phone. Then simply write your PD on your Rx form, take a picture, and upload it onto this product page. Your PD tells us where to place the center-of-optics in your lens for optimal vision.


According to the Vision Council, 75% of Americans use some kind of vision correction.

That’s about 164 million Americans wearing eyeglasses or contacts—with almost no solutions available that work with popular gas masks.

Remember, you can’t just wear your normal glasses with a gas mask. They’d break the seal. And contacts become problematic when you can’t just take off your gas mask and pop your contacts out. There are other, even more complicating, factors (that we’ll cover in a moment), but yet there are no easy, cost-effective vision solutions for the average American ...

Until now. 

Working with America’s only ophthalmic lab to focus on corrective lenses for gas masks, we’ve developed a practical, easy and cost-effective spectacle insert that addresses every issue inherent in using corrective lenses with gas masks and full face respirators.

Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you exactly how we made it all happen, the challenges inherent in the process, and why you’ll never get a product like this from your everyday eye doctor.

Perfect Vision When You Need it Most

MIRA Safety Gas Masks and filters are designed to protect you from the full range of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats.

That means that if and when you use one, you’re likely to be under duress or in an emergency situation. You might be dealing with smoke or fog that blurs your vision, with just seconds to make the right decision. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, you’ll want the best vision possible.

Even for the 5 million workers who wear OSHA-required respirators on the job, compromised vision can lead to headaches, difficulty concentrating, and even workplace accidents.

And yet, for years, a gas mask spectacle insert has been seen as an option instead of an out-and-out requirement. And a poorly understood option at that.

For example, unlike most eyeglass frames, gas mask glasses sit further away from your face on a fixed mount. Almost twice as far away, in some cases. If your eye doctor doesn’t compensate for the difference in vertex, your vision won’t be properly corrected, which could cause serious issues during the crucial first 15-30 minutes of response time.

Likewise, the appropriate curve of the lens is affected. Unlike traditional glasses, your gas mask spectacles must work through a second layer, the mask’s clear visor. If the lenses aren’t curved to compensate for this, further vision distortions can occur.

These issues might sound minor, but they’re especially aggravated for anyone with a stronger prescription or who wears bifocals, which can complicate the issue even further.

Again, experts indicate that these issues can contribute to disorientation and difficulty in vision for at least 15–30 minutes after donning your mask, and likely for hours afterwards.

MIRA Safety regarded this as a critical issue.

So we set out to create gas mask spectacles that we would use for ourselves and our families.

We re-engineered them from the ground up, creating gas mask spectacles that are more than just an optional upgrade. It’s complete personalization of your gas mask for enhanced performance and survivability.

These were our requirements:

  • Purpose-built for rugged use – Combining custom prescription lenses with larger, upgraded, and reinforced spectacle frames for maximum stability without warping in hot conditions
  • Wide, unobstructed field of view – Allows you to take advantage of your gas mask’s full field of vision without impediment
  • Completely personalized for your prescription – Precise laser technology allows for perfect, distortion-free vision that’s ideal for strong prescriptions and bifocals
  • Quick and easy to mount – Attaches in seconds with secure mounting platforms and high-performance eyewires with lock screws
  • Sleek, low-profile styling – Incorporating front-line feedback with expert guidance, we developed a platform that’s reliable and easy on the eyes
  • Proven user satisfaction – Engineered to be just as comfortable as wearing a standard pair of eyeglasses and already trusted by a growing number of military and police groups worldwide

And here’s how we got there …

New Lens Technology Provides a Breakthrough Solution

The first, and most important, part of any corrective eyewear is the lenses themselves.

You see, for over a century now, most eyeglasses have been made using the same outdated grinding process. It generally produces effective, affordable lenses for the masses, but it’s not quite precise enough for our purposes.

That’s where digital lens technology comes in...

Digital lenses are engineered using a precise laser technology developed in just the last few years.

Unlike traditional lens technology, which uses an assembly line to mass produce lenses with identical specifications, digital lens technology can create totally customized bifocals and progressive lenses that reach a level of precision untouchable by traditional methods (12–21 times more precise to be exact, at 0.01 diopter, compared with the 0.125–0.25 diopter increments possible with traditional eyeglass lens tooling).

Our expert compares traditional lenses to a suit you’d get off the rack at a department store, whereas the digital lenses are like a custom suit from Savile Row (without the exorbitant price tag).

Digital lenses are the key here because with these totally customized lenses, we can perfect the vertex distance mentioned above, along with other factors like pupil distance and matching the internal angle of the visor.

The result? A lens that provides maximum field of vision with zero distortion and the features you need to navigate the world while masked up.

Each lens is custom cut to fit perfectly in our new, upgraded MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit. The new lightweight mount features quick-secure attachment and a re-engineered, more robust frame. It’s a comfortable, easy-to-use upgrade that works seamlessly with your existing MIRA Safety CM-6M , CM-7M or CM-8M gas mask.

And of course, we didn’t stop there …

Enhancing Your Vision Even More with SMOKESIGHT XT and True Color Reception

In some situations, protection from sunlight is just as important as corrective lenses. It can reduce eye strain for faster visual acquisition and better reaction time, which can make all the difference in the world.

That’s why we’re also offering SMOKESIGHT XT and True Color Reception lenses for your gas mask Spectacle Kit...

SMOKESIGHT XT yellow lenses were originally developed for firefighters to provide enhanced vision in smoky or low-light conditions. Like enhanced shooting glasses, SMOKESIGHT XT offer a variety of benefits:

  • Relieves eye strain and reduces glare
  • Works to improve visibility day and night, indoors and outdoors
  • Amplifies lime/yellow and red/orange on firefighter turnout gear and safety vests
  •  Rifle or pistol shooting target enhancement

True Color Reception lenses are a darker option, optimized for safety and visual recognition in bright lighting. The benefits are obvious:

  • Reflects and absorbs glare 
  • Enhances visibility in bright sunlight
  • Gives true color reception and will not distort colors
  • Relieves eye strain

All of these benefits have been proven in the field by firefighters and police officers who trust Smokesight XT and True Color Reception lenses every day:

"These are excellent lenses. They really relieve the eye strain ... and improve visibility in smoke."

Assistant Fire Chief, I. Fossesigurani   Bridgeport Fire Dept.   Bridgeport, CT

"I especially like these for brush fire work outdoors. They were never an impediment to indoor or nighttime work as I could actually see better with them under these circumstances."

Firefighter, D. Rodgerson | Bridgeport Fire Dept.   Bridgeport, CT

“I just wanted to let you know how I am doing with the eyewear inserts. I have used them twice on the shooting range in practice and have not had any problems with them. I have deployed them once in a 'real world' barricaded suspect situation, after we used teargas inside a house, at night, in a low-light situation and they worked well. I am satisfied with the product. Thanks again.”

- L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. Officer, Los Angeles, CA

Survival is about more than a mask

A gas mask is only as good as the filter you’ve got plugged into it—and for many users, the same can be said of the corrective eyewear used with the mask.

In the past, many have settled for a solution sold by optical retailers that often restricted and distorted their field of vision when they needed their sight most. Now, with the MIRA Safety Spectacle Kit, you’ve got access to unprecedented, fatigue-free visual clarity.

You can pre-install your Spectacle Kit before storing your mask, so it’s always at-the-ready when you deploy your mask. You can swap out kits on the fly, if the situation allows, to optimize for sun protection, glare reduction, or unfiltered sight.

For many people, doing without corrective eyewear just isn’t an option. That’s why our MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit is one of the most important upgrades you can make to your personal protective equipment (PPE) kit to really make it your own.

So how can you upgrade your MIRA Safety mask today?

Once you select a lens type, tint, and quantity, and submit your prescription and information, you’ll receive your customized prescription spectacle kit in the mail in approximately 4 weeks.


Ask a Question
  • Do I need a different prescription for digital lenses?

    Digital lenses do not require a different prescription, we use the same Rx for all types of lenses.

  • Does this kit come with a mask?

    This is a single-listing for the spectacle kit itself. The mask is sold separately.

  • Is only the option labeled “Digital Progressive No-Line Bifocals Lenses” digital? Are the “Single Vision Lenses“ or “28 mm Bifocal Lenses” options digital as well?

    The only lens we currently offer for inserts in a digital version is the No-Line Progressive. Single Vision and Lined Bifocal are stock lenses.


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Charles W.
United States United States

Spectacle kit

Kit arrived and was easy to install, just go easy and take your time fitting it. Prescription is spot on in my CM-7 now, bifocals work as well. Highly recommended for those needing glasses, gotta see in order to survive.

Brad G.
United States United States

Fast Service and Excellent Quality

Ordered a progressive lens and was surprised how quick the turnaround time was. The prescription is spot on.

Paul M.
United States United States

MIRA Vision Spectacle kit

My service with MIRA has always been good. I cannot review this event yet as I have not yet received the spectacles.It was ordered 4 weeks ago and the was the projected time frame so please check back or let me know when they might be expected etc. Thanks

Joseph SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

This version was purchased for the Wife, she believes it to be comfortable. It has the Rx lens kit installed, which she is able to see through and they seem stable. This style is not intended to be used with optics, per Mira.

Hans SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Glasses sit surprisingly well