KZD-6 Protective Enclosure / Infant Gas Mask for Small Children & Pets

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For small pets and babies, this protective enclosure provides life-saving protection from toxic contaminants, bacterial agents, and dangerous radioactive exposure. Originally designed for the children and grandchildren of high-ranking dignitaries and military officials, the KZD-6 is the only product of it's kind, available to the public exclusively through MIRA Safety.

The KZD6 Enclosure is designed for:

Babies - up to 18 months

Pets - less than 30 lb

Protects against:

  • Poisonous substances
  • Biological aerosols
  • Radioactive dust
  • Iodine radionuclides & its organic compounds
  • Aerosols (dust, fog, fume)


Key Features of the KZD6 Protective Enclosure:

  • Dual-layer rubberized fabric construction 
  • Two filtration ports 
  • Two small windows 
  • Metal frame
  • Interior pockets 
  • Mitten insert 
  • Shoulder strap 
  • Polyethylene cape
  • Extra shell material for repairs
  • 6 hours of protection
  • Folds into a compact shape for easy storage
  • 10-year shelf life


Technical Specifications:

Babies are most susceptible to rapid accumulation of radioactive iodine (I-131) commonly leading to thyroid cancer in the aftermath of a major nuclear event. They’re equally at risk of major pulmonary/respiratory diseases due to their developing lungs.

Small animals are also at risk because they lick their skin and often get food or water from outdoor sources.

Due to their size, respirators and gas masks aren’t feasible; that’s where the KZD-6 protective enclosure and infant gas mask comes in.

Designed in 1985, the enclosure is a hermetically-sealed chamber that filters out airborne contaminants, toxic gases, and radioactive fallout.

With a metal frame, dual-layer rubberized fabric construction, and rugged shoulder strap, the KZD-6 can fit a baby, small dog or two small/medium-sized cats for up to 6 hours.

The unit comes with dual viewports for keeping an eye on the baby/pet inside and a lined insert to tend to the child or pet inside.

Two oversized filtration ports filter dangerous contaminants out of the incoming air while allowing carbon dioxide to exit, all while minimizing resistance for easy breathing.

The enclosure stores flat and affixes to the metal frame via simple tie-downs for quick setup.

Designed to be worn over the shoulder, the enclosure can also be mounted on a stroller, sled, or wagon for easy transport. The enclosure can also be transported safely via car or bus without removing the baby/animal from inside.

Before using, place a blanket or pad inside. The Interior pocket has space for bottles, diapers, or toys. The enclosure seals with a clip, designed for single use in case of a major emergency.


The unit will be 3-5°С (5.4-9°F) hotter than the ambient temperature and arrives with a layer of talcum powder to maximize shelf life. Wipe out the talcum powder with a wet cloth before use.

The rubberized fabric can be scratched or punctured. MIRA Safety recommends trimming pet claws before placing them inside. 

The maximum duration a baby should be kept in the KZD-6 enclosure depends on the ambient outside temperature:


Outside air temp: -20 to -15°С / -4 to 5°F

0.5 hour

Outside air temp: -15 to -10°С / 5 to 14°F

1 hour

Outside air temp: -10 to 25°С / 14 to 77°F

6 hours

Outside air temp: 26 to 30°С / 78.8 to 86°F

3 hours

Outside air temp: 30 to 33°С / 86 to 91.4°F

2 hours

Outside air temp: 33 to 34°С / 91.4 to 93.3°F

1.5 hours

Outside air temp: 34 to 35°С / 93.2 to 95°F

0.5 hour

Heat packs, warm bottles, or ice packs can help regulate temperature.

The KZD-6 protective enclosure does not offer protection against ammonia and other organic vapors/gases that have a boiling point of less than 65°C (e.g. methane, ethane, acetylene, ethylene oxide, isobutane, etc.), carbon monoxide, or nitrogen oxides.

Carefully inspect your enclosure prior to use. Ensure the unit is sealed from the elements, including the hand insert, corners, and edges. MIRA Safety offers free returns and exchanges should you have issues with your purchase.


Reliable, easy to store, and built to last. Assembled in a matter of minutes, this enclosure provides critical protection from industrial accidents and a level of smoke filtration in the event of fire. It filters a wide range of hazardous substances and emissions, minimizing the risk of health impacts on your child or pet. 

Technical Data:

Kit Includes: KZD-6 protective enclosure, shoulder strap, polyethylene cape.

Dimensions: 44"x17"x20"

Weight: 10lbs. max

Size: Fits one baby up to 18 months, one dog less than 30 lbs., one large or two small cats

Material: Durable rubberized fabric

Safe temperature range for use: -30°С/-22°F to 35°С/95°F


Must be stored in a dark, cool, dust-free environment free from sudden temperature changes. Storage room should be ventilated regularly. Temperatures may vary between 10°C and 25°C with relative humidity up to 65%. May not be exposed to radiant heat or sunshine. Fuels, solvents, lubricants, and other inflammable substances must not be stored with KZD-6 enclosures.