MIRA Safety PROFILM Visor Protectors for CM-6M Gas Masks

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IMPORTANT NOTE: MIRA Safety PROFILM is custom-fit for CM-6M gas masks ONLY, and will not work with any other MIRA Safety gas mask. We will be receiving our first batch at the end of May, at which point your order will ship. If you have any questions, please feel free to click "ask a question" below, or email us at 


Keep your vision clear and stay in the fight with our new, custom-fit CM-6M PROFILM visor protectors. Made from high-quality 3M film, these protective covers apply directly on your gas mask’s visor for a perfect fit. They can stack in multiple layers so that if/when your visor gets dirty, muddy, wet, or fouled, just pull the tab to remove the PROFILM and restore crystal clear vision. 

Available in clear or tinted, these tear-away protectors provide perfect edge-to-edge coverage on your gas mask visor. And they stack easily to ensure clear vision all day even in the most challenging environments.

PROFILM Options:

(3-Pack) Four Layer Tear-off PROFILM – These ultra-thin adhesive tear-offs are practically invisible once installed, and they’re designed for easy stacking with single layer transparent or tinted variants as base layers. 

(3-Pack) Single Layer Transparent Profilm – This enhanced protective film is slightly thicker than the tear-aways, providing enhanced durability and tear resistance in the field. It’s designed to be used as a base layer, over which we suggest stacking the Four Layer Tear-Off PROFILM. 

(3-Pack) Single Layer Tinted Profilm – Made with the same material and dimensions as the clear tear-offs, these are tinted to protect your vision in bright sunlight. If you’d like to go a shade darker, you can stack multiple layers of tinted PROFILM, with each additional layer making the setup darker. For added utility, we suggest adding a stack of four-layer PROFILM on top, using the single-layer tinted as a base layer. 

PROFILM Protective Film Technical Specifications

During confrontations and high-stress moments, losing any of your gas mask’s functionality can be potentially devastating, especially when it comes to vision.

If you can’t see, you can’t defend yourself. Worse still, removing your mask to clean it means exposing yourself to the very threats you were trying to avoid.

To solve this problem, MIRA Safety looked to the world of professional motocross. For years, dirt bikers have used adhesive tearaways to stay in the race without stopping or even slowing down.

MIRA Safety PROFILM is an evolution of that same design. We combined the best-quality 3M film in a precise thickness with a crystal-clear adhesive and a custom-fit for your gas mask visor. A tab along the left side allows you to reach up and remove the fouled top layer with your off-hand. 

PROFILM is a simple, easy-to-use innovation that massively upgrades the utility and flexibility of your CM-6M gas mask. 


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