CM-7M Gas Mask: The Ultimate Tactical Choice

CM-7M Gas Mask: The Ultimate Tactical Choice

by Matt Collins

The CM-7M Tactical Gas Mask is the protection of choice for elite special forces, police units, and government operators from around the globe.

Featuring a unique spectacle configuration that’s optimized for use with rifles, night vision gear, and other optics systems, it’s a reliable platform for a wide range of missions, including everything from crowd control and riot duty to targeted tactical strikes and more.

But it’s also more than just a tactical gas mask… 

The CM-7M features a few key features and advantages that you won’t get from other gas masks, and these features can be a serious game-changer even for civilians and other non-combatants.

So today we’re going to take a deeper look into the CM-7M, and evaluate whether it’s the best personal protection for you.

Let’s get started… 


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    Unlocking Superior Tactical Performance

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    The CM-7M’s Surprising Civilian-Friendly Benefits

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    Cross-Compatibility with MIRA Safety Gear

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    Tactical Meets Practical for Ultimate Protection

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    Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking Superior Tactical Performance

The key feature of the CM-7M is immediately apparent the moment you lay eyes on it.

Instead of a wide panoramic visor, the CM-7M features a pair of spectacle-style eyepieces over each eye.

This unique configuration compromises very little in terms of field of view/peripheral vision (the CM-7M retains 71.5% of your overall vision), and it allows the user to easily shoulder a rifle or mount optical equipment. 

With the CM-7M, you can easily shoulder a rifle and bring its scope up to lay flat against your mask’s eyepiece. With a curved panoramic visor, this would not be possible.

The CM-7M’s tapered design also makes it easier to shoulder a rifle, since there’s a wide patch on the side of the mask to make positive contact for a reliable cheek weld. Once again, this wouldn’t be possible with a wider panoramic visor. You’d still be able to use a pistol, or even a rifle with a laser sight, but shouldering a rifle would be neither comfortable nor convenient.

You’ll also notice a slight shelf at the top of the CM-7M, which is a low-profile cut to accommodate a wide range of ballistic helmets and hearing protection. The CM-7M has been extensively tested and refined to ensure it will fit snug with your existing helmet setup. 

The final advantage of the CM-7M’s configuration is to massively reduce eye relief—bringing your eye closer to your optical gear and rifle sight than you’ll get with almost any other gas mask. Reducing eye relief can enhance performance and minimize visual distortion while working with your gear.

It’s worth noting that the new CM-8M offers many of these same advantages, and it’s sort of a “best of both worlds” combination of the pre-existing CM-6M and CM-7M. 

But the CM-7M’s eye relief is still the best of the three, and there are a few other key advantages you can expect from MIRA Safety’s top-selling tactical gas mask… 

The CM-7M’s Surprising Civilian-Friendly Benefits

One of the CM-7M’s biggest advantages over other gas masks is that it’s available in three sizes.

That might not seem like a big deal at first. After all, MIRA Safety gas masks are made using tough bromobutyl rubber. They’re built to stretch and ensure a tight fit regardless of the wearer.

But everyone’s body is a little bit different.

And that means gas masks aren’t exactly a “one size fits all” affair. The CM-7M offers flexibility in three different sizes to accommodate for that. 

So if you have a larger young teenager in your family, or a slender adult, then the small CM-7M might be a better fit than a CM-6M. Likewise if you’ve got a big boy in the family (think football linebacker), then the large size of the CM-7M might be best.

This is an EXTREMELY important benefit. Gas mask sizing can determine whether your mask functions or fails, and it won’t always be readily apparent if your mask doesn’t fit. 

The quickest way to test your gas mask’s fit is to perform what’s called a “negative pressure test.” That’s when you cover the intake valve with the palm of your hand and then breathe in deeply. If the mask is properly sealed around your face, you’ll start to feel the suction almost immediately. If you don’t feel suction, then the mask isn’t working—and you might have the wrong size.

So the CM-7M has a serious advantage for civilians in that it might be the only viable choice for larger and smaller adults. So if you’re stocking up on PPE, it might make sense to add a small CM-7M to your collection.

Of course, the CM-7M also features the same lower mask configuration you’ll find on all MIRA Safety CM-series masks. 

That includes an integrated hydration system that can be connected to your Camelbak or other compatible water source for use in the field. It’s also got a speech diaphragm which allows for easy communication over short distances while you’re masked up. Dual intake valves allow the mask to be configured for both left- and right-handed users. (Simply wear the filter on your weak-hand side to make room for shouldering a rifle.) 

So even though the CM-7M is optimized for tactical deployment, it’s still a practical choice for civilians and those who might never pick up a firearm. Though the slightly limited field of view takes some getting used to, the benefit of optics- and rifle-compatibility might be the kind of advantage you’d like to have and not need (rather than need and not have).

Cross-Compatibility with MIRA Safety Gear

Like all MIRA Safety adult gas masks, the CM-7M is cross-compatible with almost all gas mask filters, gear and upgrades offered by MIRA Safety.

It uses 40mm NATO standard gas mask filter cartridges, so it’s compatible with your existing NBC-77 SOF, VK-530, and P3 ParticleMax filters.

That means if you’ve got a gas mask microphone, the same comms system can be used with a CM-6M, CM-7M, or CM-8M. The same goes for other upgrades like the Voice Projection Unit or the MB-90 Powered Air-Purifying Respirator. You can even add a MIRAVISION spectacle insert to your mask with prescription lenses.

By sharing the same set of upgrades, MIRA Safety gas masks give you maximum flexibility when you’re setting out on a new mission. Whether you’re bugging out from a natural disaster or clocking in for riot control duty, you’ve got the freedom to configure the mask you need to fit your mission parameters. 

So if you’re traveling with a child, they might need the PAPR for breathing support. But if you’re headed out on a more tactical solo mission, you could re-equip the PAPR with your CM-7M and a MOLLE pouch, giving you a critical performance enhancement in the field.

If you’re masked up and leading a family unit, you might want to use the voice projection unit (VPU) to ensure everyone hears your commands. If you’d rather not attract attention, then you can switch to a gas mask microphone instead.

Every one of these upgrades is cross-compatible. Even the replacement parts are cross-compatible, ensuring maximum flexibility and redundancy when you need your gear most.

Tactical Meets Practical for Ultimate Protection

The CM-7M tactical gas mask makes a few minor compromises that unlock a whole new dimension of performance and reliability.

Its dual visor configuration is fluid, intuitive, and easy to use. Whether you’re a top tactical operator or just a concerned citizen, the CM-7M is a viable choice for reliable personal protection. And with a twenty-year shelf life, it’s built to last.

That’s why the CM-7M is the mask of choice for police, military, and government operators from the South African Ministry of Interior to the U.S. Department of Defense. 

And as you’ve seen so far today, it’s also a phenomenal choice for the rest of us, too. Even if you never plan on shouldering a rifle, you can still count on the CM-7M for life-saving protection during natural disasters, fires, terrorist attacks, or anything else that might come your way.

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