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MIRA Safety Geiger-2 Dosimeter / Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector

11 reviews
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Key Features of the Geiger-2 Portable Dosimeter / Geiger Counter

  • Uses the same Geiger Muller tube as Geiger counters used in the military
  • Simple two-button operation is easy enough for a child to use but as accurate as professional-grade equipment
  • Full-color digital 1.1 inch LCD display provides key information at a glance
  • Detects radiation levels as low as 0.999 μSv/h
  • Accurately reads radiation levels in 20 seconds
  • Simple enough for a child to use but as accurate as professional-grade equipment
  • Fully digital device has various modes to track ambient radiation and long-term statistics and allows you to set customizable daily exposure limits with alarms
  • Has the same SBM20-01 Geiger Muller tube as military-grade Geiger counters
  • USB-C rechargeable 400 mAh, 3.7 V, LiPo battery
  • Integrated solar panel to boost charge during daylight hours
  • Operational in temperatures as low as 51℉ (10.5℃) 
  • Comes with a keychain, USB-C cable, and carabiner
  • Compact, pocket-friendly design is discreet, durable, and perfect for EDC 

Technical Specifications

We’re exposed to background radiation every day of our lives. While some exposure to radiation is natural, higher concentrations can be the result of poorly shielded electronic equipment, X-rays, CT scans, or even air travel.

Beyond the substantial threat of nuclear meltdowns, disasters, and fallout, this excess background radiation can add up over the years and contribute to serious health issues. 

Fortunately, there’s now a practical solution you can take everywhere to monitor and measure your exposure—the MIRA Safety Geiger-2 Portable Dosimeter/ Geiger Counter.

Only slightly larger than a ballpoint pen, the Geiger-2 is a full-featured handheld dosimeter that offers the same reliability as a professional-grade Geiger counter at a fraction of the price and without the bulk. It’s built from impact-resistant polymer and has an easy-to-read LCD screen with two buttons, making it one of the simplest and most user-friendly dosimeters on the market today. 

Unlike traditional analog Geiger counters, the Geiger-2 is fully digital with various extremely useful features and modes. Customizable settings for exposure tolerances and long-term tracking of readings provide unrivaled clarity and customizability for various situations. Power management features can be used to optimize battery life and manage the included solar panel.

Best of all, the Geiger-2 tucks easily into a pocket, purse, or backpack, so it’s always ready when you need it—providing a potentially life-saving tool that makes you more aware of your environment and ready to face a range of twenty-first century threats. The first step toward protecting yourself from background radiation is identifying it with a reliable radiation meter.

The Geiger-2 is powered by an internal rechargeable LiPo battery with a 30-day extended battery life. Recharging takes just two hours.

NOTE: The integrated solar panel provides a supplemental trickle charge. It will extend the battery's 30-day charge when exposed to direct sunlight, but the Geiger-2 will still require regular recharging via the included charging cable.

It’s a perfect addition for bug-out bags and disaster prep, as it’s compact, reliable, and durable.

So, grab a Geiger-2 Portable Dosimeter / Geiger Counter and learn more about your environment today!


Ask a Question
  • Will this be able to detect radiation levels in water? I believe the previous one was able to so am hoping this one will be at least as good as the old one was.

    Yes, so long as the radiation is within the measurable quantity, it should be detectable by the Geiger-2.


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Paul M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

My experience with Geiger-2 Dosimeter

It was okay, simple to use which is good, but it didn’t have all the functions that the instructions say it had as well as the fact you couldn’t leave The sound turned on because it automatically turned off whenever it went into sleep mode and the same goes for the display screen Which is annoying that does what it’s supposed to so there’s that

Canada Canada

Sorely lacking documentation

Nice solid, compact geiger counter that works, but documentation is too brief, often inaccurate or wrong, and woefully incomplete, some pictures and instructions do not match product, no explanation of units, or how to interpret. For example: Doc shows a green/yellow/red LED that "Duplicates the status indicator on the display"; but is a blue LED that indicates particle sensing.The Energy screen does not display a "Remaining Operating Time" as shown in the picture. What are Sleep and Eco modes? What are the units, acronyms? Must figure it out by trial and error and online research. The plastic cover came with a little crack on the top edge (only a cosmetic flaw, but should not be on a new product) which may be why the included quality acceptance certificate was blank. So I am disappointed with MIRA. Not quite the quality I expected for the price.

Jay B.
United States United States

MIRA Safety Geiger-2 Dosimeter

It is a great product !

Ed N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

High Quality Product

This is by far the most user-friendly Geiger Counter I have come across - the excellent interface means that all the information you want it available across several easily accessable screens. Hopefully this will now live in a drawer indefinitely, but its good to know if I do ever need to use it in an emergency then at least I won't have operational worries adding to the stress of the situation!

A MIRA Safety Customer
Jonathan H.
United States United States


So far, the device appears to work normally, looks great! Easy to use. No radiation event to utilize on other than background radiation thus far.