MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask - CBRN Protection Military Special Forces, Police Squads, and Rescue Teams

  • Tapered design to allow for cheek weld
  • Recessed binocular visor for aiming with night vision optics and red dot sighting systems
  • Low profile cut allows for integration with modern ballistic helmets and ear protection


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The CM-7M CBRN military gas mask was designed and developed in cooperation with Czech Army specialists and specifically developed for use with a wide array of optics for advanced tactical capability.

Key Benefits of the CM-7M Military-grade Gas Mask:

  • Outstanding resistance against all kinds of CBRN agents, industrial toxic gases, riot control gases, etc.
  • Compatible with the MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit (sold separately)
  • High user comfort for superior all-day protection
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Fits up to 2 NATO-standard 40 mm gas mask filters (widely available with a variety of protection levels)
  • Compatible with optical devices (night-vision goggles, etc.)
  • Allows for safe and easy drinking during use in a contaminated area
  • Comes with a pre-installed hydration system and canteen
  • Compatible with CamelBak water bladders with a Type M adapter (not included)
  • Sweat drainage through the exhalation chamber
  • Compatible with helmets and breathing apparatuses
  • High-quality speech diaphragm enables easy communication with or without communication devices.



    bromobutyl rubber, non-irritating natural rubber, non-irritating
    silicate glass polyoximethylen, polyamide
    PET five-point, rubber-textile
    Technical specifications
    500g black
    3 71.5%
    34% Rd 40x1/7"
    > 48 hours
    max. 20 Pa max. 50 Pa
    max. 60 Pa 95%
    230 ml/min - 30°C up to +70°C


    The CM-7M hazmat mask meets the EN 136 (Class III) and EN 148-1 standards and is available in three sizes, providing a perfect fit for practically any user. A NATO-standard filter canister can be mounted on either (or both) side of the military mask to make it easier to aim a gun whether right- or left-handed.

    The material of the facepiece (bromobutyl rubber) on this NATO gas mask provides extraordinary protection against all known chemical warfare agents, along with biological, nuclear, radiological, and industrial chemical agents.

    This tactical gas mask is designed to withstand long-term use in any weather conditions. The inner mask features a comfortable hypoallergenic construction that reduces the content of carbon dioxide in the mask and regulates the flow of inhaled air to prevent fogging for more comfortable all-day use.

    The inhalation chambers on this army gas mask are fitted with the Rd 40 x 1/7” thread in accordance with the EN 148-1 (NATO) standard. This ensures compatibility with the widest range of filters readily available on the market today.

    These military-grade gas masks are manufactured under the permanent supervision of a representative of the Czech Ministry of Defense and are trusted by military and police users in a wide variety of countries.

    The lenses of the CM-7M warfare mask are specifically crafted to ensure compatibility with all kinds of optical devices while providing a sufficient field of vision. The dual lens configuration provides superior depth perception when compared to a single panoramic faceplate, making it ideal for use with iron sights or in combat.

    The CM-7M nuclear gas mask is equipped with a drinking system that enables safe drinking in contaminated areas.  The drinking system is also compatible with CamelBak hydration systems.

    CM-7M Military Gas Mask Service Life

    The storage and service life of the CM-7M full-face respirator / tactical gas mask is 20 years from the date of production, provided that the recommended storage conditions are observed.


    Size No. Size in inches
    Size 1 5.19 – 5.51 inch (small)
    Size 2 5.51 – 5.82 inch (medium) (universal most used)
    Size 3 5.82 – 6.14 inch (large)

    To size yourself, it would require a device called a faciometer which is not very common.

    Size 2 (medium) fits 95% of the population, so if you're an average size person, we would suggest size 2. For smaller than average people who weigh 130lb or less, with thin faces, we would suggest size 1 (small). For users over 250 lbs and wide faces, go with large.

    You will know the size is right if you do a negative pressure test (blocking the inhalation valve and taking a deep breath), and the mask seals tightly to your face. 

    Please Note: Filters are NOT included. Please make sure to choose the appropriate size on the drop-down menu. 



    Ask a Question
    • Would it be possible to get sunlight lenses or outserts for the CM-7M?

      At this time, we do not carry any outserts or lens covers for the CM-7M, and we do not know of any aftermarket alternatives.

    • How would you know if a gas mask fits your face?

      You would have to perform a negative pressure test. To do this, you would put the mask on your face, take a deep breath out, cover the inhalation valve (make sure the opposite side has the 40mm cap in place), and take a deep breath. If the mask sucks tight to your face without leaking air, you know that this mask fits.

    • What are the major differences between the CM-6M and CM-7M?

      The CM-7M is specially designed for use with optics and operating a rifle. Features include a dual recessed visor system for eye relief, along with a contour above the inhalation valve for a closer cheek weld. These features come at the expense of a wide field of view, and this is where the CM-6M shines. Think of the CM-7M and CM-6M as different tools for different jobs. 

    • How do I determine the correct size for the CM-7M?

      To size yourself, it would require a device called a faciometer which is not very common. The CM-6M only comes in one universal size (medium) that fits 95% of the adult population. If you're an average size person, then a CM-6M or a size 2 (medium) CM-7M is fine. For smaller than average people who weigh 130lb or less, with thin faces, we would suggest size 1 (small) of the CM-7M mask. For users over 250 lbs and wide faces, go with size 3 (large).

    • I’m about 150lb and have a thinner face. Should I go with size medium or small?

      If you're an average size person, then a size 2 (medium) CM-7M is fine. For smaller than average people who weigh 130 lbs or less, with thin faces, we would suggest size 1 (small) of the CM-7M mask. For users over 250 lbs and wide faces, go with size 3 (large).

      Below is a sizing table of the CM-7M, based on the measurements of a faciometer.

      Size No. Size in inches
      Size 1 5.19 – 5.51 inch (small)
      Size 2 5.51– 5.82 inch (medium) (universal most used)
      Size 3 5.82 – 6.14 inch (large)

    • I wear a 7 5/8 hat and helmet, meaning I have an XL head. Was wondering if a large would fit me?

      Yes, you'll definitely need a large-sized CM-7M.

    • where is the size indicated on the mask itself

      There should be a number on the mask that will indicate its size (1 for small, 2 for medium, and 3 for large).

    • Is this compatible with a Team Wendy Exfil helmet with a mounted PVS-14?

      Yes, it is. That is the same setup someone on our team is running.

    • I am looking for more information regarding the CM-7M Gas Mask and was wondering for the speech diaphragm how that hooks up as this is my first time looking at gas masks, is it a specific radio required or cable? How does it work and what does the connection look like? I am looking to use a Baofeng UV-5R as a comms radio.

      The standard speech diaphragm is just a vibrating piece of material that makes sound more audible for the people around you. This is not a microphone or and electronic device. We've just released our very own Microphone (click here for the product page) that works with the CM-6M, CM-7M, Half-Face Respirator (TAPR), and CM-8M (not yet released). This microphone is configured for use with Peltor headsets, and you can connect a Baofeng radio to the Peltor as well.

    • Can the CM-7M take a rubber bullet or less than lethal plastic rounds in the lens?

      The CM-7M lens is impact resistant to Czech Military standards, and they did their own testing on it which is not public. During the development of the mask, they requested silicate glass of a certain thickness, and with internal testing, it was approved for their needs.

    • Can you use VPU's with the mask

      We do not have a VPU available at this time, but we are working on a solution. The mask does, however, have a built-in speech diaphragm to make communication easier. Stay tuned.

    • How do you connect the water reservoir and how to attach a water bladder? A diagram or print-out would be most helpful as trying to interpret the technical lingo wouldn't help me. Thank you in advance.

      In order to connect this mask, you would need a CamelBak type M adapter and a bladder that is compatible with this adapter. For CBRN applications, we would suggest the CamelBak Chem-Bio Reservoir 4.0. For non-CBRN environments, we suggest the CamelBak Antidote Reservoir. We will make a video in the future to illustrate this.

    • Does this come with a cap to seal off one side if not in use?

      Yes, each mask comes with 1 filter port cap straight out of the box.

    • How does the mask fit if you have a thick mane of hair (female)?

      Considering the straps are elastic, they are designed to fit hair. The mask should fit just fine.

    • Do these masks come with a case for storage? If not, what do you suggest?

      This product listing does not include a pouch. We have the NBC Kit available with the MIRA Safety gas mask pouch included, or you can purchase it separately. In general, you can use any gas mask pouch on the market for storage and safekeeping.

    • Do you need to run 2 filters or can you use only 1?

      We suggest using one at a time, but you have the option of using one or two.

    • The mask supports breathing apparatuses, does this include SCBA’s?

      This mask is not compatible with SCBA systems, but it is compatible with PAPR's.

    • Does mask come with filters already?

      No, it does not. Filters are sold separately.

    • Would this mask be compatible with night vision goggles/monoculars mounted on a helmet?

      Yes, it will.  Many of our customers are using this mask with common PVS-14's and PVS-15's. It is compatible with a wide array of night vision equipment.

    • I live in CA and have a serious lung condition. Basically any fume or smoke will send me into respiratory collapse without the use of an EPIPEN. I am in serious need of something completely protective or I in all reality may die next time big fires break out. Please let me know if the CM-7M is a good choice.

      Coupled with the correct filter, the CM-7M is a good choice. The better choice would be the CM-6M if there is no tactical application needed, as it has better peripheral vision.

    • Can glasses be worn with this mask and still create a tight seal? Also would a beard have to be shaved off?

      Glasses cannot be worn with this mask as it would break the seal at the temples. We recommend our MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit instead. You'll have the option of choosing from different lens types and colors. As part of the order process, we require a current prescription. You can either upload the prescription on the product page or send it to us via email at support@mirasafety.com.

      I'm afraid we don't have masks that are built to fit people with facial hair as most respirator masks rely on a tight facepiece seal to achieve maximum protection. Facial hair is also a common reason that someone cannot be fit tested. To ensure proper functioning, the user’s face must be smooth, free of facial hair, sideburns, and other hindrances at the points of contact.

      For emergency situations where most individuals aren't clean-shaven, we recommend keeping a beard trimmer in your kit. That way, you'll be able to quickly get rid of any facial hair in case something unexpected happens. It is also worth noting that the only thing that works for people with beards are hooded respirators which typically run on a PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) setup.

    • Could you use this for Airsoft without damaging the filter system? I have asthma and the smoke Grenades make it hard to breathe.

      Yes, you could use it for Airsoft, and as long as you use it with 40mm NATO filter cartridges, you will not damage the filter system.

    • Do you have any masks with HEPA filters?

      All of our filters have a P3 filters built-in, which uses high-grade HEPA/ULPA filtration paper.

    • Will this mask need to be stored in a special temperature? Also, will it protect me from a biological agent that is very contagious?

      Ideal storage conditions for our masks are 50-70° F. When coupled with the correct filter, other pieces of personal protective equipment, and is used as per best practices, it will protect your eyes and breathing organs from biological agents.

    • Can you change the filter while in a contaminated area, without compromising the mask?

      Yes, you could, but this would require training on donning and clearing the mask. Filter changes while in a contaminated area should not be attempted unless you are properly trained in the procedure.

    • Would this mask protect me from the Coronavirus?

      Coupled with the appropriate filter, other personal protective equipment to cover your skin, and proper decontamination measures, yes it will protect form coronavirus.

    • Is the plastic insert supposed to be removed when using the mask, if so how do you remove it carefully without damaging the mask?

      Yes, it is. The plastic insert is meant to maintain the shape of the mask (preventing deformation) when in storage. To remove the plastic insert, lift one end of the insert up towards the visors until you can clear the chin seal, and then do the same on the other side.

    • Do the CM-7M lenses have some sort of Ballistic protection capability?

      They are made from impact-resistant tempered silicate glass, as mandated by the Czech special forces for optical clarity. However, they do not offer ballistic protection.

    • Are there any outserts available for the CM-7M such as a UV filter (sunglasses)?

      We are not aware of any compatible outsets, but there may be aftermarket options.

    • I purchased a CM-7M mask not to long ago, (I absolutely love it) and I wanted to make sure I was storing it right. Is storing it in a waterproof hard case with silica gel packets a good way to store it or should I store it differently?

      Glad you love it! That is an excellent way to store it, make sure it's in a cool, dark place, without high temperature and humidity changes. Also, make sure to store it with the black plastic insert installed, as this helps maintain the shape of the mask when not in use.

    • Can the CM-7M size small fit a 10-year-old face?

      In most cases, no it cannot. The size small is made for small adults with narrower face profiles, 5'3 or shorter, weighing in at 130lb or less. If the small CM-7M mask doesn't fit, the only other alternative from MIRA Safety is the MD-1 Large (click here for the product page).

    • On the CM-7M, can it accept prescription inserts or only the CM-M6 is capable of doing so?

      Yes, it can as long as you purchase it with the MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit. You have the option of choosing from different lens types and colors. As part of the order process, we require a current prescription. You can either upload the prescription on the product page or send it to us via email at support@mirasafety.com.

    • Not a question, but highlight this please: I own one of these, this is hands down the best mask I've ever owned. Even the inner drinking tube can come off for comfort. 10/10.

      Thank you so much for those kind words! We appreciate your feedback and are excited that you found MIRA Safety.


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    Eddy SVG verified by SHOP
    United States United States

    The product was shipped and packaged to protect it. Top quality there. The product itself well built well constructed definitely heavy duty. Everything the advertiser said it was going to be. Not used it yet. Just test fit definitely fit well. Everything arrived on time and is expected. I will definitely order again from this company. Top quality all the way around.

    Dalton SVG verified by SHOP
    United States United States

    Fits very well and very simple to apply filters. My only complaint is some eyebrow pain when wearing a helmet, but it isn't unbearable and can be finely adjusted to improve over time.

    Jose SVG verified by SHOP
    United States United States
    Evan F.
    United States United States

    Piece of Mind in uncertain times

    If you are looking for real military grade quality with exceptional comfort, then you found the right mask! Fit is snug and tight, design is solid with excellent quality materials. I have used lots of PPE in my days of construction, this is by far the best option for a tight seal. Thank you Mira Safety!

    MIRA Safety MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask - CBRN Protection Military Special Forces, Police Squads, and Rescue Teams Review
    Toby B.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom


    Very good, I have always found it very hard to find a size small gas mask , very easy to order abd exerlant service, i will definitely by more soon , many thanks, from the UK