MIRA Safety Military Pouch/Gas Mask Bag

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  • Rugged ripstop Nylon construction
  • Side Buckle + Loop Closure secures contents
  • Dual non-slip BTS belt loops
  • Non-slip leg straps and removable shoulder strap



Keeping your gas mask accessible and ready at a moment’s notice is crucial if you want to maintain maximum safety and survivability. Our rugged nylon gas mask bags are designed to do exactly that; protecting your gas mask and keeping it comfortably on your hip all day long. In a matter of seconds you can deploy your mask and protect yourself from a wide variety of chemical, biological and radiological threats. Our gas mask pouch is flexible enough to fit most different gas masks and carry configurations—so it’s perfect for practically anyone.


Key Features:

  • 11” x 5”-7.25” x 4” Cuff pouch: 4” x 2.25”– 4.5”
  • Comes with adjustable leg straps and adjustable/removable shoulder strap
  • Side-release buckles and loop closure provide tight and secure storage for your gas mask
  • Secured Y-harness configuration with heavy-duty straps and quick-release swivel buckles
  • Comes with dual non-slip BTS belt loops to ensure a snug fit
  • Proven gas mask bag doubles as a dump pouch for empty magazines and other equipment
  • 1/8” padded backing makes it easier and more comfortable to carry


A Must-Have Upgrade for Any Gas Mask Owner

Any seasoned professional will tell you that a gas mask is only as good as it is accessible—since there may be a time when you need to deploy it at a moment’s notice. That’s why we recommend our military pouch / gas mask bag as a must-have for every buyer and owner of gas masks and full-face respirators.

Engineered to meet the same strict quality standards as police duty bags and military-grade equipment, these pouches are made from lightweight and ultra-durable nylon with serious customizability for comfortable carrying. That means it isn’t just there to keep your gas mask within arm’s reach, it also serves to protect your mask and ensure you’ll get a good seal even after days of rough hiking. No need to worry about bumps, punctures or tears.

The padded, hip-mounted design of our gas mask bag makes it ideal for trekking, while opening up a substantial amount of space in your backpack or bug-out bag. The buckle and loop configuration is great because it ensures a snug fit on your gas mask while still being able to open in a matter of seconds without even looking. These pouches will NOT provide room for spare filter canisters, so you’ll need additional storage in a backpack or bag.

While these bags are designed to provide reliable protection for your gas mask/respirator, they’re also perfect dump bags for empty magazines during firearms training or competition. Compact but spacious and comfortable, these bags can also be great for hiking, camping and a variety of other uses.

These are the same type of bag that we offer with our NBC Kit bundle, which includes a CBRN-rated mask and Thyrosafe tablets to protect from the effects of radioactive iodine.

This kind of gas mask bag is ultimately the fastest, most convenient and most reliable way to deploy a gas mask at a moment’s notice. It’s a practical and affordable upgrade that gives you the flexibility, mobility and versatility you need to make the most out of your gas masks and other equipment.

Grab a gas mask bag for your kit today!